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Life together #2: Hope deferred

Delayed hope makes the heart sick,
but fulfilled desire is a tree of life. --Proverbs 13:12

I remember some nights when I was living on my own, I couldn't fall asleep. On some of those nights, I cried, alone in my room where I was safe from the pitying eyes of my friends.

I don't like crying in front of people. In college, my longtime roommate -- my best friend there, in whose wedding last year I was maid of honor -- didn't see me cry until two or three years after we met. It's a trust thing, a privacy thing, maybe a pride thing too.

And whether it was lack of sleep or hormones or loneliness, on those nights I cried I knew I'd feel better in the morning, that the inexplicable sadness I felt would not feel so ... unbearable?

Most of the time, if I cried -- if, once in a while when -- it was late at night, some hours after I'd seen a touching interaction between a friend of mine and their child, or after I'd watched a chick flick. The kind where the guy ends …
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Life together #1: The fix-it man

I pride myself on being independent, if it wasn't obvious from other posts on my blog.

I fix my own household problems. I hold myself accountable for stocking the pantry. I wax my own car(s). I generally like practicing being a responsible adult.

But having my husband fix things around the house -- actually, finding the broken things himself and fixing them promptly -- has made me feel unexpectedly well loved.

I've been married three weeks now, and spent less than half that time with my husband actually in my house. Between honeymooning and sending him off to a work site a 5-hour drive away, I've not spent as much time at home with him as normal newlyweds, I imagine.

He's an engineer-type who gets a kick out of fixing stuff -- or at least feels more relaxed when things aren't broken. In the 9.5 days he's been at my house, he's already found and fixed several issues:
The dryer that wouldn't heatThe too-long dryer vent hoseThe screen door to the kitchen th…

By the way...

This happened. 😁

A few changes

The blog hasn't had a facelift in ... a long while.
And I've slid out of the blogging habit.
Maybe if I change the one, I'll change the other too?

Life on my own #51: Long distance

So I'm engaged now. Yeah, Me-a-year-ago is just as surprised as you are. On April Fools Day 2016, one year ago today, I had just figured out I had better buy myself some flowers instead of waiting around for Prince Charming to prance in with a bouquet. I wasn't exactly expecting Prince Charming to show up anytime soon, if at all. All I can say is, God clearly has a sense of humor. The short version is, I thought I was just having lunch with an entertaining out-of-town business traveler and it turned into... History. Most of this history played out over a distance of some 1,300 miles (give or take a hundred or so), over Facebook, Skype, email and vacation days. Considering I always thought I'd be terrible at a long-distance relationship, that could be the most surprising aspect of this whole surprising epic. So it was easy to go on living my independent, solo life. Most of my acquaintances didn't even know Prince Charming existed until several months after I met him. (O…

Life on my own #50: Roses in springtime

I've come to appreciate a bouquet of roses.

For the longest time, I was like, roses? They're pretty and all, but so are lots of other things like clean floors I don't have to sweep dead rose petals from.

And thorns are poiky. (That's pronounced like boy-key. It's a technical term meaning "owwwww I pierced my thumb.")

But I was shopping for groceries the day before Easter, feeling mighty fine. Spring had sprung and I'd just finished a morning full of yard work. A purple hyacinth had magically appeared in my shopping cart, 50 percent off. A few minutes after I picked up that pot, I passed the display of bouquets and noticed a small but pristine bunch of roses for just $4.

Why not? I asked myself.

I've been given a single rose just once or twice, and got a bouquet no more than that. There were rarely any flowers inside my house growing up - my mom is allergic to pretty much everything. I simply had no idea what a bouquet sitting on the dining room ta…

The Miata Diaries: Young navigators

You're not supposed to drive with the top down on Dec. 12.

But if it's 62 degrees out, how can you resist?
I took the Miata out for one final spin of the season on that abnormally warm day, just before topping off the tank and parking it in the garage for the winter. Clad in leather coat and a matching gray and black hat, I zipped here and there through the city streets, enjoying the unseasonably comfortable weather.
Before leaving, I texted a friend to see if her three daughters - all ages 10 and under - would like a ride.
"I just asked the girls if they were interested and their eyes bugged out with huge smiles," my friend texted back. 
So a little later that afternoon, this little red car could be seen - and heard! - making loops round and round a quiet little residential block, carrying a couple of blondes. 
It's fun to leave the car in second gear and rev it up just so the kids feel like they're racing. And you can take corners more quickly in this so…