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Going goth

This was for campus dress-up day (for Halloween of course). I wanted to do something different.I had friends say they’d never have imagined me in a goth look.

Theology and relationship

“Christianity isn’t a religion; it’s a relationship.”That’s fine. But make sure it really is a relationship. Here’s what I mean:This phrase is sometimes used to avoid talking about theology & doctrines, or to imply that theology & doctrine is not worth the time spent on it. But, theology & doctrines are basically man’s pursuit of knowing God more. If you don’t know anything about a person, can you really know a person?If I say I love someone with all my heart, yet I can’t describe this person with anything less general than “wonderful” or “awesome”—or I don’t even know any of that person’s nicknames—what kind of loving friend am I?

This is my dad asking about my love life.

My dad was at work this afternoon. Slow day, so he called me and we chatted a couple times. (He had to hang up at one point to take care of some people that showed up.) We talked for about 27 minutes total, 15 minutes the first time then 12 minutes a little later.This is what I love about conversations with my dad: He’s hilarious. For example—once in a while, he will ask if I have any romantic relationships or anything. However, he doesn’t awkwardly ask if I have a boyfriend. He always asks creatively. Today, this is how he broached the subject of my (nonexistent) love life:“So—I’m going to sound like a father now. In what decade to you plan to get married?”I laughed and told him this decade, I supposed.“OK. You know, if you plan to get married in this decade, there are certain steps to be taken. Have you taken any of those steps?”I told him not at this point, no. From that he asked:“So, does this mean you have a glimmer in your eye?”Again, I laughed. He then informed me that I would …

My first car

I bought it this afternoon. :)

Disney princess movies, post #1,982

My friend made an astute observation today as we watched “Happily Ever After,” a Snow White sequel made in the early ‘90s (and a movie which I didn’t bother paying attention to).If the Disney princess movies set up unrealistic expectations in the minds of young women, with their Princes Charming riding in on white horses, do those movies also give young men unrealistic expectations of beautiful, helpless women who can do anything in high heels and dresses?

I hate CCM.

I’ve writtenbefore about my sporadic search for good Christian music to sing along to. Or, what I would consider good Christian music. I have my own ideas about what that label requires, and they have lately been crystallizing into solid form when before they were only hazy hunches.I want non-cliché music. That’s all.(Warning: a very long post follows.)