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I’m buying a house.

There, I updated my blog. …..OK, so I’ll do a little more than that. (As my editor constantly quips – don’t say I never gave you anything!)It’s true, I’m buying a house. God pretty much dropped this wonderful little two-bedroom house into my lap. I saw it before it went on the market and the owners were thrilled to get the selling part out of the way before they’d even started looking for their next house. I’ll be sure to post a couple pictures of the inside once I get moved in later this summer!Sometimes, when it hits me again that I’M BUYING A HOUSE, I can’t help smiling and jumping for joy. Or at least bouncing up and down in my seat.Also, I’m now more an editor than a reporter at the paper I work at (though I still do a fair bit of reporting). The newsroom staff lost one position and the managing editor and I ended up having to split the duties of the associate editor, whose position is now lost to oblivion. (Story of the industry.) With that change comes a bit of a schedule chang…

Compendium of Links #41

I’M HOME!!!By that, I mean I’m visiting my folks, and won’t be online much, I suspect. However, my sister right now is in the middle of her morning routine and nobody else is awake or home, so I shall share a few links!Seven skills to develop in your twenties – like, you know, a lengthened attention span, logical thinking and budgeting. (Via Boundless.)What to do about teens dropping out of church after high school graduation? Well, find out why they’re dropping out, or revisit your assumption that they’re dropping out in such high numbers at all. If you read one article, please read the other, too. (First link via Facebook friends; second, via Gene Veith.)The decline of marriage and the rise of unwed mothers: An economics-based answer to why the culture is changing, courtesy of the writers at The Atlantic Wire. Curious, isn’t it?Think of marriage like any other contract or investment. It's most likely to happen when the gains are big. So we should expect marriages among low-incom…