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DDR songs

Well, I discussed DDR a bit with my sis last night, and I decided that, instead of the songs that DDR currently has, it should have songs from Abba, the Beach Boys, and selected other songs that have a good beat. Then I could sing along to the songs! Wouldn't that be fun? Although I might pass out from dancing and singing at the same time, with hardly any breathing... maybe that's not such a good idea. :-P


On Saturday, I had my first chance to see what Dance Dance Revolution is. Yep. First.

It's fine. Sorta fun. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than anything else in that arcade....

.....can you tell that I dislike arcades?

Me, in 6 words

Something interesting from the message board that I moderate.....

Gal on a message board, in a questioning thread: What are you? (ex....loved) in six words or less.

Me: Christian bohemian with penchant for hats. Next question: have you any idea what that said?

Guy on said message board: Yup! (you are somebody who tries to follow the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ, who does not live according to the conventions of society, (or is from Bohemia) with a strong liking for things that cover your head, worn for protection from the weather or as a fashion accessory. i understand it quite well. )

Cereal box curiosity

Now, let this be a lesson to you. Never take the games on the back of the cereal box seriously.

On to the point. On the back of Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch, there is a Canadian (he's holding up a sign; that's how I know his nationality) who's missing his front tooth and is wearing a musher's cap. Now what kind of stereotype is that? (And why do I spend my time examining the back of the cereal box? Have the "Nutrition Facts" gotten too predictable?)

Also, I've been getting college letters galore.... and I just took a very long end-of-book chemistry test yesterday.... and I'm two-thirds of the way through Democracy in America!

And I helped bury Sadie yesterday.

Eulogy for a cat

Our family cat died last night.

Sadie had this bad habit of sitting under the van and napping.... and she's getting old. (7 or 8 years, we figure. Not exactly sure.) She's always been able to scramble out of the way of the moving tires before, but she was too slow this time. Poor girl - she was really nice, and loved us like a dog would!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die..." It was getting to be her time. She wasn't as playful as she used to be, poor thing, and just seemed to be feeling old. (Yeah, I know 7 or 8 years isn't very old! But she was an outdoor cat, and they seem to have shorter lifespans.)

Oh well. Now to see if the cat shelter has any extra kittens.

I wish I had a picture uploaded here somewhere... she was pretty. I actually drew her for my pastels class this past winter.

I can't think of anything.

...except college stuff. That's what I've been doing for awhile... trying to decide what characteristics I'd like most, figuring out when to schedule visits (will have to be in Nov. but not before!), receiving umpteen college letters...

But yesterday my family painted the front doors and washed & waxed the three vehicles. (One van for Mom, one nice Taurus wagon for Dad, one old - like, 16 years old - wagon for me. Station wagon, that is.) Oh, and I helped paint the garage steps on Saturday.

Cars and Lady in the Water (that's the newest Shyamalan) are at the dollar theater! And I have fifteen cinemabucks to spend. That's.... like, up to six movies for my whole family. (Matinees are half-price, I think.)