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Home for the Weekend (or, music)

As the title thoroughly explains, I'm visiting back home this weekend. It is nice. :-)

I found a bulletin board on sale tonight! So Mom bought it for me. Oh, also got a shirt and some navy shoes. But those were earlier, and not as accidental.

And I didn't know I liked so many of Casting Crowns's songs. "Voice of Truth," and "If We Are The Body," especially. And until this summer, I didn't know I liked so many 4HIM songs either. "Measure of a Man," "For Future Generations," and "Basics of Life" are good.

Yahoo Music is at least good for finding the IDs of songs off the radio that you like. And makes a handy radio station for those times when you're stuck without any good traditional ones.

Rez Life Week

You know, pep rallies are pretty much fun get-togethers where we all lose our voices yelling so much.

And, of course, we all look ridiculous in homemade team shirts which match, but aren't identical by a looong shot. Oh, yeah, and the things tied around our heads so we resemble a gang.

But it's fun. Especially when your team (i.e. your floor) wins.


Me = Hermione?

One of my friends keeps telling me (and everyone she knows who's seen the Harry Potter movies) that I look just like Hermoine Granger. Everyone has agreed with her so far.

Of course, I've never seen the movies, and this is the first I've heard this....

What's going on? Dancing!

Let's see... last night I went ballroom dancing again... that is SO much fun.

And I'm going to be working on a research paper this afternoon...

And it's cold here in the library. I must be sitting under an A/C vent or something.

Well, I guess I'll tell y'all about ballroom dancing. A couple nights a week, a bunch of college kids get together to learn various ballroom dances from a guy going here who happens to look like Jesus. (It's funny!) Last night we learned salsa and swing dancing. I learned swing a looong time ago, but I forgot it all immediately, so I had to re-learn it. It was a lot easier than I remembered.

The best part about dancing is when you get a guy who knows what he's doing and you can get on a roll with doing fancy moves like spins and such. :-)

My little friend Bee sent me an e-mail today! And this isn't the first thing she's sent me - last week, I got a picture in the mail from her! That was soooo much fun. Now I'm going …

Freshman retreat fun

So the freshman retreat was last night and this afternoon.

Last night consisted mainly of pool, euchre, foosball, and variants of volleyball, with a bonfire worship time thrown in for good measure. 'Twas fun. Met a guy who is related to my pastor's wife. (Small world, really.)

And since he was the only other person I knew on the canoeing trip this afternoon, we paddled a canoe together, and travelled seven miles downriver in about an hour (maybe a little over). That was also fun, especially the last mile or two, in which we had a friendly competition with another canoe team to see who would make it to the landing first. (Our two canoes were the frontrunners, even though this wasn't a race.) Oh yeah, we got there a few seconds before they did. Definitely close.

We amused ourselves during the succeeding wait by skipping rocks and trying to keep warm in the sun.

A couple teams got overturned and so were freezing while we waited for the bus to get us. The wind was the wors…

"A Completely Useless Post"

(As described by the previous transmitter of this questionnaire.)

1. Full name: RS
2. Single or taken: plastic, please.
3. Male/female: I'm not a bathroom!
4. Birthdate: Um, yesterday?
5. Astrological sign: the octagonal red one.
6. Siblings: two, one crazy and one just peachy
7. Eye Color: anything but yellow!
8. Shoe size: I'd agree, mine aren't as big as bball players'!

*~ R e l a t i o n s h i p s~*

9. Who are your best friends: Jane Austen and G.K.Chesterton!
10. When are you online: now!
11. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I have lots of friends!
12. Did you send this to your crush? I hate violence so I refuse to crush people!

*-;-*S o m e E x t r a S t u f f *-;-*

14. Do you do drugs? uh, no?
15. What kind of shampoo do you use? Purple!
16. What are you most scared of? my lamp burning my homework.
17. What car(s) do you wish to have? Purple!
18. Who is the last person you called? A professor
19. Where do you want to get married? On Earth.

*-;-*F a v o r i t e s *-;-*

20. Color(s)…

I'm actually using a planner.

It's really weird... I'm actually using this planner that I got. And it's actually helpful. I still use posty notes a lot, but the planner has a use of its own now.

You have to understand... I tried to use a planner off and on, throughout junior high & high school grades, but after a month or so I just stuck it in a drawer someplace and never used it again. As it is I take mine to every class, I need it so much!

Second Sunday

I visited the local church - and I mean LOCAL. It's so close, and so frequented by college students, that there's actually a paved shortcut to it!

But of course, it had to rain; so the hem of my dress was soaked when I got there. Fortunately it wasn't raining quite as bad when I left (just a light drizzle instead of a steady drizzle).

Church was nice. Music was different than chapel here at college, which is good. Preaching was good. People were friendly.

They have Sunday school in the evening, which is... odd. But interesting, I guess. I won't be able to go this evening (we're celebrating a birthday today), but I might try it next week!

Funny things at a Christian college

First funny thing: the "drive-in" movie last night was "Grease".

Second funny thing: despite the campus's no-R-rated-movies policy, one of the three movies that everyone has to choose from to see is "The Matrix".

Third funny thing: there are no signs on the food, even just to tell possible allergy-irritating content.

But anyway. It's Saturday, but I woke up early anyway so went ahead and worked more on reading the history chapter for Monday. Long chapter, but rather interesting if you work on paying attention. I have maybe twelve pages left, which is good.



This morning, at eight, half the freshmen had to take a couple tests. One a general demographic survey, so not really a test; and the other a test of basic Bible knowledge. The Bible one was generally easy, except there were a few questions that I had to guess on. Probably ten to fifteen percent were the guessing ones.

And that only took an hour. So I went and got the last of my college books, and have been online since then, e-mailing/IMing family and checking blogs (of course).

Sunday at a Christian College

So I woke up about quarter after seven this morning... not by any alarm. Just the body clock still going on summer time (when I had to be up at six half the time). I dawdled in bed till about quarter to eight.

We headed to the chapel about nine-thirty to browse around the church fair. I found one church that looked like it might be a good fit. Lots of kids, says the youth pastor, so I might be able to help out with them at the midweek service. I'm looking at their website... weird. Does this mean what I think it means?

"In speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance and that it is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. "


Later today we're all going to a small-group-related thing about campus ministries. I think that will be interesting.