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The Miata Diaries: Young navigators

You're not supposed to drive with the top down on Dec. 12.

But if it's 62 degrees out, how can you resist?
I took the Miata out for one final spin of the season on that abnormally warm day, just before topping off the tank and parking it in the garage for the winter. Clad in leather coat and a matching gray and black hat, I zipped here and there through the city streets, enjoying the unseasonably comfortable weather.
Before leaving, I texted a friend to see if her three daughters - all ages 10 and under - would like a ride.
"I just asked the girls if they were interested and their eyes bugged out with huge smiles," my friend texted back. 
So a little later that afternoon, this little red car could be seen - and heard! - making loops round and round a quiet little residential block, carrying a couple of blondes. 
It's fun to leave the car in second gear and rev it up just so the kids feel like they're racing. And you can take corners more quickly in this so…