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A belated Merry Christmas?

Y'know, I just now realized that I said nary a word about Christmas last week! So... hope you had a very merry Christmas, and that your new year will be blessed above all! (The reason I missed it? Probably because, at this wonderful family time of year, the last thing I think about is posting on my blog... *grin*)

I shall post a complete list of my Christmas gifts soon... after the first of January, at the least. Probably not till the third or fourth.

I like my new laptop. I can play music on it. :-)

I also am enjoying the phone memory card that my brother gave me for Christmas... now my phone can play music, too, and I'll never buy an mp3 player!

I got a laptop!!

It's pretty! It was on sale!

And it has...
--2 gig RAM
--120 gig hard drive (theoretically... but it's partitioned, into portions slightly bigger than 50 gig, so the formatting took some and Vista takes more)
--a webcam
--a media card reader
--and wireless!

S'wonderful! Quite an improvement over my previous laptop (though that one was free). I actually have multiple USB ports here... and enough ram to surf the 'Net at a reasonable speed. Lovely. :-)

What fun blogging apps are.

Apparently Blogger has come out with some nifty new thingies at the bottom of posts... p'raps they will persuade you to respond! For, if the precise response you need is not among the three or four choices beneath, you have the easy option of "replying!" What a novel idea.

[edit]........or not.......? Where are the pretty little check-boxes?? :-(

[edit 2] the word of a friend, "sa-weeeet!" Or in my own word, "success." :-)

Of Macs and Russians and Shopping.... (oh my!)

So my brother has been trying his best to install a version of Linux onto an old Mac computer we recently acquired. It's not as easy as it sounds.... because it's PPC, whatever that means. I'm only aware of all the troubles he's having because I'm acting as a mediator of sorts between my brother and one of my friends who happens also to be somewhat of a computer geek (and has actually tackled this problem before, albeit minimally).

I've also been treading my way through War and Peace. Got into the 200s today... (That would be pages, meaning I got past the 200th page sometime this afternoon.) So far it's not half bad. I think I like Tolstoy's writing style very much; although the sentences occasionally get very long, it seems as if the way he thinks is similar to how I think, if only peripherally. I love the way he describes the expressions on the faces of the characters.

I did make it through the chapters about the first big battle (the one in which…

The Truman Show and Plato

I just started reading a book of classic essays today... starting with the one by Plato called "Allegory of the Cave" about men in a cave who saw only shadows and fancied that the shadows were the true forms, not just shadows. And one quotable quote:

"Yes, he said, I think that he would rather suffer anything than entertain these false notions and live in this miserable manner."

It immediately made me think of the movie "The Truman Show." That movie illustrated that quote.

Life observations

...I started my eleventh journal Saturday.
...Facebook chat hates me.
...It is freezing here in this library.
..."All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above."
...I am seriously considering dropping the honors program, if a certain policy changes.
...I need a new laptop sometime.
...Black Friday should be abolished as a result of the trampling deaths of shoppers.

'Nuff said.