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Being an INTP

I experienced a revelation about a week ago. I discovered I’m probably most like the Myers-Briggs INTP personality type.INTPs are:Precise and sensitive to nuance.Easy-going in just about any circumstance (unless core principles are violated, in which case, an INTP is as stubborn as my sister). Fond of “playing” with systems like mathematics, languages and computer systems. Obsessed with logical validity. Reluctant to lead or control people.Not in tune with how people are feeling. Independent, unconventional and original. Shy around new people, but gregarious with very familiar people or when talking about something fully understood. Unimpressed by authority derived from office, credential or celebrity.Rare – comprising perhaps one percent of the population.Those points describe me well, I think. I also read on one of those sites that many INTPs become journalists or editors, a factoid I’d never heard before. Funny, huh?But it’s nice to know that all these random quirks that I th…

Compendium of Links #37

I’m winding down a week of filling in for the associate editor, which means I’ve been at work until 11 p.m. most evenings (good thing I didn’t start till afternoon!) and am still running on that second-shift schedule. One of these days I’ll recover my mornings.In the meantime, I hope the following links entertain, interest and invigorate you:A friend recommended I listen to some music by Future of Forestry, a group from the Northwest that does Christian music now. It was okay, not addicting though, like Rich Mullins or Simon and Garfunkel.12 things every author needs to know before a radio interview – actually pretty worthwhile for anyone being interviewed on radio/podcast. Pretty sure I found it via Challies.200 years of Pride and Prejudice book design!! How fun! My favorite is the one from circa 1894, I think. I do love the peacock symbolism.This blogger explains better than I can why I didn’t finish the book The Circle Maker when I started reading it this fall.It’s meant to be insp…

Compendium of links #36

I had a fantastic week in Boston, a great couple of days with my mom’s side of the family, and then a whirlwind week at work (say that five times fast). I will do some more posts about Boston soon – but first, links to clear out of my browser! I can’t even wait until Saturday, the browser is so full.10 excellent reasons to date a bookworm – as linked on a Facebook group I belong to.Two-year degrees show stronger path to middle-class income – Finally, someone is acknowledging that not every career needs oodles of hours spent in a classroom! Via @PaulGlader.A Christian blogger tells husbands to treat their family time like a part-time job – ensuring that a man will put his full effort into strengthening the marriage and building up the children. Via Challies.So true: (on Indexed, one of my favorite online comics)From another Christian blogger’s essay, “A Hundredfold”……I wanted him to know that following Jesus is more than worth it, even with all it entails for gay people. And I also wan…

Wasn’t this a perfect Christmas gift?

Not only are they eminently fitting for me, my old college roomie MADE them herself. They’re the only set in existence.I keep telling her she should start a little craft business selling jewelry.