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The inaugural Leap Day Post!

Assuming I have a blog in my post-college years, there may be a Second Leap Day Post!

Anyways... happy February 29th to you all. It doesn't even come once a year, like other days; it's so special, it only shows up once in four years! Kinda like a presidential election, but less politically charged.

Have a nice day. :-)

My cape and a phantom

So if you don't know already, I invariably wear a midnight-blue cape around my campus. I sometimes have random people tell me they like my cape, or wish they had one just like it--yesterday a girl in my dorm (I just recognize the face; don't know her) told me as I passed her that every time her boyfriend sees me wearing it, he says he's jealous and asks her to make one for him. (She thinks not!) I've already lent the pattern for it to a friend of mine, too, who asked after fall finals if she could borrow it.

And apparently I'm not the first one on this campus to sport a cape. It seems that before my time--maybe a couple years ago--there was a girl who looked a bit like me, a religion major, who often wore a cape. I'm asked occasionally by strangers, out of the blue, whether I have a sister who used to go here; and that unknown phantom of the college's past is the reason.

I've now seen "House" (the TV show).

And it wasn't bad. I enjoyed it. Reminded me a little of the old show "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick van Dyke and his son.

I've also played Halo, as of Saturday night. I don't quite understand the appeal of video games, but I guess it was all right. It was hilarious to watch some of my friends' reactions when I shot them out of nowhere. :-P

Thirdly, I was introduced to Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis comedy on Saturday after lunch.

This has been quite the weekend of new experiences!

Recent reads...

I've been working on The Screwtape Letters this week... don't remember when I started them; yesterday morning, probably. I'd forgotten how much I like C.S. Lewis's writing. After this I'll probably re-read Mere Christianity again.

So far my favorite part of Screwtape is letter 13, in which Screwtape is exhorting his nephew Wormwood not to let his assigned human enjoy any real pleasures... because "the characteristic of Pains and Pleasures is that they are unmistakably real, and therefore, as far as they go, give the man who feels them a touchstone of reality... it (a real pleasure) would just kill by contrast all the trumpery which you have been so laboriously teaching him to value...." Intriguing, isn't it?

I also started re-reading A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God, but that was awhile ago and I still haven't gotten far... still, the good thing about this book is that you can read one of those chapters in about five or ten minutes (they'r…

The Land of Oden...

Here's a song I plan on recording sometime this weekend...

"In the Land of Oden"

In the land of Oden
There stands a mountain
Ten thousand miles in the air
From edge to edge
That mountain measures
Ten thousand miles square
Once every million years
A little bird comes winging
Sharpens its beak upon that mountain
And quickly disappears
And quickly disappears
And when that mountain
It wears away
Into eternity will be one single day
In the land of Oden
There stands a mountain
Ten thousand miles in the air

Speed Dating

...was hilarious.

As I mentioned, I went speed-dating tonight at a Student Government-sponsored speed dating party. I sat in the same chair for about two hours, perhaps more, yet talked to I don't know how many guys about nothing in particular (except that I must've repeated my first name and major about twenty times). Of course, this was for kicks; and boy, did I ever get a bunch of laughs!

I met...
--a professional ballroom dancer who refuses to go to ballroom dance. (Our theory is that he's too used to concentrating on structure & technique.)
--a half-Brit whose grandmother lives in the British Isles somewhere, whose parents met in New Zealand, and whose goal is to go to New Zealand for photography.
--a guy who thought he was going to play pool, but got drafted into this; he started tossing around the fake rose petals.
--several guys I sorta knew before.
--and one weird guy who may actually have taken the whole "speed-dating" thing seriously.

Oh well; perhaps once a week is enough.

But I can't handle having just four to five posts a month, so guess what?

I'll be posting more often! :-)

What's new? Hmm....

1. I'm sending FIVE thank-you letters out tonight... two for Christmas gifts (notes I didn't get around to writing somehow), one for a belated graduation card, another Christmas gift thank-you which I put off on purpose (I wanted to form a skirt from the given fabric first), and a Valentine's package I got.

2. Oh yes! The lovely ladies at my home church sent me a box full of goodies and snacks and some post-it notes and a cute little teensy weensy notepad! I received it sometime last week, and between my snacking and a movie night most of it's gone now. It was wonderful though; it had lots of peanut-butter-and-chocolate candy in it! (Reese's Cups, some Hershey's PB-and-chocolate, and some KitKats. I don't know if the KitKats are PB-and-c, but they're sure yummy.)

3. I was videographer for a crazy lip-syncing "Od…

Random update

Wow, I haven't posted since the 29th of January?? That's like, last week! Exactly a week ago!


OK, now for the update. I was a fox and a villager in this hilarious one-act called "Eyefellgloffenhootenanniemerryberrycrunch".... that was a blast. It opened last Thursday, and the last performance of the three was Saturday afternoon. My siblings were here for the weekend, visiting, so they went to that and accompanied me to the cast party that evening.

Apparently, cast parties around here consist of a lot of drama/acting games... charades, etc. I enjoyed it. Charades alone went for at least an hour, I'd guess... it was the longest game. A new one for me was "welcome to the ____ family" in which a volunteer is led out of earshot while the game is explained, then led back in. When the volunteer returns everyone has to imitate what they do, while of course the volunteer has no idea we were told to do this. When they sit down it's the end of the r…