Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas singalong

The local theatre (theatre as in a place where you go see spectacular productions acted by troupes) hosts a Christmas singalong every year about this time, so we went again. It was soooo much fun. First a local high school choir sang, and their bell choir played one song (very beautiful). Then the organist came out and played; after the intermission, the MC and three of his buddies did some barbershop songs (absolutely great) and his daughter sang (she's also good). Then came the singalong part. We sang several old favorites.

One irritation: a couple old ladies in the front of us jabbered constantly. We moved seats during the intermission. And, wouldn't you know it, they left while the MC's daughter was signing - not after or between songs, but right during the song. And it ended just a few seconds later.... can't people learn some theatre etiquette? Such as waiting till the end of a song to quietly exit the theatre?

Well anyway... between the MC's daughter and the singalong, a man dressed as a train engineer sat on a rocking chair on stage and read aloud The Polar Express while another organist (a better one, in my opinion) made some sound effects. It was awesome. The other organist, during her turn to play, also performed the Hallelujah Chorus arranged for organ. Incredible.

And I will have to tell you about the theatre someday... it's beautiful inside, with decoration all over the ceilings and walls, and a huge chandelier. It has a story too....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Three Things

...that I wanted to post about this week. Providing, of course, that I can remember them.

1. WE HAD OUR FIRST SERVICE IN THE NEW SANCTUARY!!!!! CAN YOU TELL I'M SO HAPPY? CAN YOU TELL THAT I LOVE THE NEW SOUND BOOTH? (That is, I am one of the sound booth personnel, though we never call ourselves that normally. Therefore, I really like having lots more control over the sound & lights. The speakers in the foyer are cool too. Now for the video...)

2. We went to see Pirates II on Monday at the dollar theater where it's 50 cents on Mondays. :-) Take it or leave it. I would like to see the concluding movie, however. At least, I now understand the meaning of two RI sigs quoting Sparrow about a jar of dirt and a "thump-thump".

3. oh well, I can't remember what exactly the third point was. I'll insert something else then... oh yes, here's an interesting web conversation concerning the elderly and writing, with a sidenote on the proper location of overused cliches... click on comments. They make me laugh...

4. I just thought of something! HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING!! I'm going to be out of town for the next few days... soooo... SEE YOU AFTER THE WEEKEND!

5. And I'm reading "The Farm" by Louis Bromfield. Famous Ohioan. I've actually been to his house. You know that Humphrey Bogart got married there?

6. Well okay, maybe that was five, six things.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My sister's narrative genius

If time is short, skip the next paragraph and go straight to the story.

Today, my sister was assigned to write a narrative first-person story starting with the sentence "Carl Williams slowly backed farther into the shadows." (Oddly enough, I have a relative somewhere named Carl Williams, though I've only seen him once I think. But that is beside the point.) After a bit of trying to figure out exactly what writing in the first person meant (she'd rather write it in third person, methinks), she spent quite a while writing the following page-and-a-half single-spaced handwritten short story.

Why You Shouldn't Live In an Apartment

Carl Williams slowly backed farther into the shadows. He saw a glimpse of something, he wasn't sure what it was but he definatly had [an] impression of evil. He had nowhere to run except back to his apartment room and he wasn't going to do that because he knew his bed, complete with sheets, was going to engulf him. Whatever it was, was standing in front of the elevator and door to the stairs, "I definatly can't get out now" he thought. He was trying to think if any of the apartment rooms around here were empty, but he wasn't interested in getting anyone else into this nightmare so he didn't try any doors. Well, he remembered something his mother had told him when he was a boy, "There are no monsters under your bed" she had said. Hm, she never said anything about the BED not being a monster. "Might as well try though" he thought and so thinking he headed back to his room, stealthily so the Thing didn't notice his movement, or so he later told me. "Oh great" he said, this was not a good time to be missing his key. There, he found it, but the Thing, it was coming closer. "Calm down Willy-boy or you're never gonna get out of this one" he thought as he struggled to unlock and open the door to his room. There, he was in and he huridly locked the door so the Thing wouldn't get in, but what was that noise? He slowly turned around in dread of what he KNEW it was, and he was right; the bed, complete with sheets, was getting up to come after him and it---
Suddenly, he woke up, he was alright, his sheets were wrapped around his legs, but he was alright. How do I know this story? Carl Williams visited me that day, I'm a psychiatrist, and I told him he needed a vacation, he showed signs of stress, he took my advice though about a month later his obituary was in the paper, cause of death, he was found crushed between the mattresses of his bed, complete with sheets.

(I left it exactly as she wrote it!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Avengers, a time capsule, and a movie

If you happen to have a good library system near you (or one that just can't get rid of old TV shows), check out an episode of "The Avengers" with Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg. They're great.

If you happen to have been reading my blog for more than a year (thus you visited the old KB blog), you might remember this time capsule post. I didn't actually do it, but my sis did, and it actually worked! She got the e-mail last weekend.

And while I'm at it, I must resurrect a quote from one of my favorite movies:

The world is so full of a number of things I'm sure we should all be happy as... but are we? No! Definitely no! Positively no! Decidedly no! Huh-uh.

Short people have long faces and long people have short faces. Big people have little humor and little people have no humor at all.

And in the words of that immortal bard-- Samuel J. Snodgrass-- as he was about to be led to the guillotine-- make 'em laugh!

Can you even guess the movie?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm alive!

Yes, and I'm well! And I'm not too busy this afternoon!

Mom is off singing some Tom Leher (Lehr? Laihr? Lair????) songs to my brother ("about a maid I'll sing a song, sing ricketyticketytin..." and "poisoning pidgeons in the park" and other such hilarities), my sis is reading another Mary Roberts Rinehart book, and Dad is working. Apparently if you're into mysteries, MRR is a good author, although her books are a bit difficult to track down. The InterLibrary Loan system is PERFECT for such authors...

I am nearly finished with the C.S. Lewis book I was working on this Tuesday; I do recommend it and all other C.S. Lewis books!

Dad found me a Rich Mullins tape at a Goodwill store this week. It's copyrighted from before I was born, but it seems to play just fine! And since I actually own a good tape player, I can play it to my heart's content (providing that I don't disturb my sister's reading). Such is contentment.

And, I suppose I should be starting on a Christmas list, since our families always ask for them at Thanksgiving. Here's what I've got so far.... it took me awhile to figure out, since I don't really want more than a couple things which happen to be rather expensive (read: a digital camera and a laptop). *grin*

earrings (especially silver ones)
digital camera
laptop :-)
college scholarships :-D
nice pens (and ink)

[digression: my uncle gets me a fountain pen every Christmas! I love them! They actually take real bottled ink! And he gave me blue ink last year that was probably older than me, but of course it still works because it was sealed in its bottle the whole time. Last year's pen was a combination pen-and-penci, depending on what end you used. Its bladder had to be replaced though, so it takes a bit to get it started. And the list continues...]

anything purple

"Phantom of the Opera" (new one)
CDs by Rich Mullins, Keith Green, Michael Card, or Simon & Garfunkel
"David: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary God"

BOOKS: (used is fine)
"Elements of Style" by Strunk,White
Jane Austen books (already have Pride & Prejudice)
C.S.Lewis books (already have Mere Christianity and Abolition of Man)
G.K.Chesterton books

So if anybody can think of something else I'd like, please remind me! I have a horrible time trying to remember everything I've seriously thought about getting this year!

Friday, November 10, 2006

More college visits, etc....

Boy, have I been neglectful!

Anyway, I've gone on two more college visits - one about three or three and a half hours away, and one pretty close (not quite commuter distance, but very close to it). They were both fun - at the close one, I saw one of my 4-H friends entirely by accident. :-)

I just read most of a "Just So Story" to my little neighbor (she's about ten years younger than I am), and I could hardly keep from laughing! Try "How the first letter was written" and you'll see what I mean.

hmmmmmmmmmmm...... tomorrow's a homeschool group meeting... OH NOW I REMEMBER! To excerpt an e-mail I sent to my grandma:

"Yesterday (Election Day) I worked at --- Township Precinct B & C as a tech assistant! (In --- County, of course.) I had to get up at 4:45 so I could get to the church where the polls were by 5:30 A.M. I helped set up the new voting machines, and I took care of the machines throughout the day (cleaning the touchscreens, troubleshooting, tapping one printer occasionally because some "gremlin" in it was making noises *grin*). It was fun, even though it took FOURTEEN AND A HALF HOURS! The machines didn't really give us any trouble, so I spent a lot of time reading my book, but of course I also talked to the pollworkers and ate snacks - some of the pollworkers had brought doughnuts and cookies and chips. :-) I had a sandwich for lunch, but Mom brought me taco lasanga, some fruit, milk and two Reese's Cups for supper. I savored the Reese's Cups for the rest of the night."

The book that I was working on (and still haven't finished!) is C.S. Lewis' "God in the Dock". Very good, if you happen to ask me.