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What I learned today #2: About Michigan

Well, actually I learned this on Monday. But I didn’t get around to writing about it either Monday night (when I was tired) or yesterday (when I was busy).My cousin – half Michigan now, as a result of college and summer jobs – informed me that Michiganers who live in the “mitten” part of the state are called “trolls.” That’s because they live “under the bridge,” that is, south of the five-mile bridge connecting the mitten with the Upper Peninsula. (I don’t know exactly where this bridge is, but it’s obviously up north somewhere!)In return, the “trolls” call everybody from the Upper Peninsula a “yooper.” That’s the phonetic spelling of how they pronounce “UPer.” UP, of course, standing for Upper Peninsula.I never knew Michiganers had such interesting geographic terminology!

Compendium of Links #30: Mostly long essays

This past week, I’ve had little urge to write. Dunno why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been fighting writer’s block all week at work! In other news, my foot is feeling much MUCH better, although it still hurts a bit to walk. (I’m surviving fine.) The weather has been perfectly lovely, which in turn has made me quite happy. Except when the sun wakes me up at 6:30 a.m. every day. Or almost every day. I’m getting ready to play guitar tomorrow at church, for which I’m quite excited, then I’ll probably do some cleaning… because I’m still woefully behind due to my lack of mobility last weekend.And now for your weekly (or sort-of-weekly) hodgepodge of interesting links. I apologize for those who enjoy little snippet-type material to read on lunch break, because most of these are essays and articles that require a bit of time.Learn to bind your own book (journal) with the help of this detailed instruction manual. In infographic form. Maybe I’ll try this next time I need a journal. Which will be s…

Compendium of Links #29 (when my foot hurts)

Owwww. I twisted my foot, again. Same foot that I twisted halfway through choir tour at the end of my junior year. No wait, must have been sophomore year. I wasn’t in choir junior year!Anyhow, the following collection is a bit sparse today, for the mere fact of my foot’s pain. And happy Cinco de Mayo!!What color is your language? Yellow or pink? Latinate or good ol’ Saxon?The forgetting pill erases painful memories. Forever. At least, in theory it does. Would it be ethical to use in any situation? The article also describes a certain malleability one’s memory exhibits. My psych-college-roomie avers that the discrepancies between memory and reality are generally minor.Oh look. Young people don’t ignore newspapers quite as much as we thought they did. Which means, they’re not opposed to randomly picking one up when the concrete block building they’re waiting in blocks the signal on their smartphone.Seminarians end up with a bunch of debt. That’s not good. But what other model is going t…