Saturday, July 21, 2007

Off to see the wizard!

Well, not quite I guess. But I'm still off, starting very early tomorrow morning, on a mission trip to help with a VBS. Therefore, I shall disappear from the face of the 'net until sometime Saturday or Sunday or Monday.

I hope to have pictures up sometime next week, too!

My sis will be going too.... her first trip without the rest of our family. Should be interesting. I was about her age when I went on my first mission trip.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dentistry & computers... never the twain shall meet?

I went to the dentist yesterday (in between spurts at the church blood drive where I was volunteering). First time in one and a half years. I need to floss more.

Got a gigabyte thumb drive on sale yesterday too (on my way home from picking up the van from the shop, in between spurts at the blood drive). Works great. Now maybe I'll have more MBs available on my computer of five gigs... well, only about three or two gigs when you consider that it had Windows 2000 on it, then I installed Windows XP. That all takes up quite a bit of hard disk space.

I'll use it mostly to store photos from my digital camera. And to transfer files whenever I need to - since I have no CD-RW drive, and may not have one till I get a new laptop in one or two years (I haven't decided yet).

What is the feasibility of living without a CD-RW drive for two years at college? Consider the digital camera factor as well as the thumb-drive addition.

Oh - is it "disk" or "disc" when discussing computers? What are the usage rules concerning these spellings?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Laura Ashley volume two

Now I've finally got my pictures of my dress....

Full-length of the Laura Ashley dress

Bodice of the Laura Ashley dress

Ain't it pwetty? :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Laura Ashley

....ever heard of the brand name?

Apparently, it's higher-end.... as in, a cotton dress with nice lines sells new for over a hundred dollars. And, this same expensive dress must be sold later for four dollars, because it was outgrown.

Of course, I happened to be the thrilled buyer. Even if it wasn't some famous brand - it's really pretty (large pink floral print), with a nice ruffly collar, and long skirt, and good fit!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Dani up close

We got a new kitten!!! Her name's Dani. (The train of thought looked like this... couldn't think of a good name. Decided it had to be two syllables with accent on the first, but not a common people-name. Tried to come up with something Spanish. Neighbor boy by the name of Daniel suggested we name it after him. Feminine form is Danielle, which in Spanish is Daniela, which is often shortened to Dani. We all liked it. So her name is Dani - not Daniela or Danielle, just Dani.)

Oh yeah, it's pronounced DAH-nee, not DON-ee. There's a difference.

2 more pics on my Flickr.

Friday, July 13, 2007


My sister mentioned today at supper that it finally rained last night. I told her I hadn't heard it.

Next thing I knew, she was staring at me wide-eyed.

Apparently, she conversed with me last night, after it had started raining. It went something like this:

"Sarah... where's your weather radio?"

Me: "The crank one or the plug-in one?"

"The crank one."

Me: "I dunno."

(Then she felt her way around for my normal plug-in radio, which also receives weather signals.)

(She turned the light on then, but decided it would probably be too bright for me, so turned it back off. She says she was surprised that I didn't say anything.)

"Sarah, where's your flashlight?"

"Sarah.... where's your flashlight?"

"Hey Sarah, where's your flashlight?"

"Where's your flashlight, Sarah?"

"Sarah, I can't find your flashlight in the normal spot... where is it?"

"Hey, where's your flashlight?"

"Sarah, where's that flashlight?"

I heard only that one last question (and only once, not seven times). I was too tired to think of where I put it (next to my HBA basket, incidentally). I have absolutely no recollection of the conversation other than that!

In other news, I won the 4-H demonstration contest two nights ago without even having had the time to practice.....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fabulous college news....

or, some such title for a post that will generally include college stuff. :-)

Went to orientation this week - I know, it's odd to have it two months before classes even start, but it was pretty nice. Scheduled my fall and J-term classes; got a student handbook; received not one but TWO T-shirts. (One was given to everyone - one person per shirt and one shirt per person, that is - and the other I won after beating several people at keeping your balance while trying to knock the other person of their's.)

Called my future roommate today, and just sent her an e-mail. One of the things I told her was that I'm making curtains out of this fabulous stuff I found at Wal-Mart a few weeks back:

Fabric for curtains!

Nice and bright - it will sure help make our prison-resembling, white concrete block, old stained tile dorm room look cheerier. Especially if I use the rest to make a wall hanging or something. Not sure yet what I'll do when I've only used a few of the thirteen yards I bought and have a ton left over....

I'll probably put posters and maps on my wall, anyway. You know, a map of the city, a map of the county, a map of Ohio, and perhaps a large weekly schedule. A map of the U.S. would be nice too. Oh, and a bulletin board. Hey, that fabric would make a nice bulletin board cover!

I wish I still had that Rube Goldberg poster that God's World News sent us years ago.... the one that involved all kinds of pulleys, screws, latches, thingamajigs and animals just to turn on a light switch or something simple like that. That poster would be so funny.

Fortunately our room is a corner room, so our hallway is just a bit of a dead-end (very short); 'twill help keep people from walking past our door at three A.M.! (Although, curfew is one or so; there shouldn't be anyone up then....)

Anything else you'd care to know about miscellaneous pre-dorm preparations?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Camp time!

Yup, just got back from my family's yearly Camp Vacation. Now, we actually go to a camp-camp... not just campgrounds. So there are Sunday-school-type sessions every morning and evening, and something planned to do (or not) every minute of the day. It's our fun summer stay-up-late-and-get-up-early vacation; a great contrast to our winter laze-around-all-day vacation.

Anyhow... the theme was superheroes: "Save the Family, Save the World!!"

RS reveals her real identity!

Obviously, I was Batgirl (or Batwoman, whichever you prefer). I resembled the new one from Batman & Robin more than the original (who was a brunette I think). And the black cape was a skirt of Mom's that didn't fit so well; all I did was rip out the back seam.

The Mafia was Captain America, and my widdle brudder was a ninja:

The Mafia has gone undercover!

My brudder, the ninja

Don't we all look so good? :-) Mom and Dad dressed up too, but not with quite so much complexity. Dad was Superman (masking tape comes in handy trying to make that logo) and Mom was the Greek goddess of the hunt (Artemis I think is the Greek name; she also went by Diana). She wouldn't have been any superhero at all if we had not brought a wrong set of sheets, which she then used to rig up a Greek costume. She carried around our compound bow and wore a wreath of somethingorotherthatIpickedonmywaytothecabin to give people a clue as to who she was trying to dress like.

Of course, while taking all these necessary pictures, I fooled around with pictures of scenery:

Camp scenery

I took pictures of this lamp (or of the other two identical lamps) last year too, with my point-and-shoot; even those turned out not too badly, and I was very pleased with this batch. (Of which only one is uploaded at this point.)

[EDIT: aaack! I think my blog cut off part of that picture! Tell me if the right side of the lamp's cut off, will ya? I'm hoping it's just this small screen...]

Swimming was included in this vacation, as were kayaking and canoeing and tubing..... and the WACKY BOAT RACE was a blast (as always)! Photos forthcoming of the wacky boat that Mom, Dad, the Mafia and I put together.