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I know it is the practice of journalists to put the end of the story at the beginning and call it a headline. I know that journalism largely consists in saying "Lord Jones Dead" to people who never knew that Lord Jones was alive.
--G. K. Chesterton in "The Purple Wig," a short story in The Wisdom of Father Brown

Me: I'm Sarah, a Christian journalist interested in all things Spanish (my other college major), single life, philosophical/theological issues and books. This is my personal blog. Don't expect a whole hunk of awesome journalistic observations. Most of what I write here is anything but. Sometimes I'm silly, sometimes I'm perceptive (I think), and sometimes I'm downright boring. My mother thinks I'm hilarious.

On this blog, I try to be true to who I am in real life. I'll be vague sometimes, for safety reasons, but I hope I represent myself honestly in what I write. My family members who read my blog sure help me do so.

I publish to my Twitter feed whenever I write a new blog post and whenever I make less-than-blog-length observations.

Contact: I can be reached at readersis (at) gmail (dot) com. If you are contacting me professionally, I will respond from my business e-mail.

What's with the lingo? This blog's theme is that of a secretary desk. (Wikipedia can explain what that is.) Below is a simple guide to the related terminology on my blog:
  • Replies = comments
  • Inked by = written by
  • Postcards = recent posts to my Twitter feed
  • Correspondence = posts (so, by extension, past correspondence is old posts)
  • Scattered on the desk = recent links in my Diigo bookmarks
  • Nooks in the secretary = labels, or tags, whichever term you prefer
  • An amanuensis = fancy word for a secretary (the person, not the furniture); so, this just means me.
  • Well-read letters = blog posts with many page views
  • Classic letters = blog posts I think are important
  • Inkstained friends = fellow bloggers who've friended me using the Google Connect tool

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