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I'm somewhat lacking in things to do. many ways can you say bored?

I'm not sure if anything interesting has happened recently.... except that I read J. Budziszewski's book How To Stay Christian in College this week. Good book. I especially like the chapter "What God Thinks of the World". I generally like the style, too. Not hard, of course, but it made me think.

Hah, take that, you Constitutional Scholars!

Remember awhile back when somebody or other (I'd guess a Constitutional scholar of some sort) suggested that it would be narrowly Constitutional for Bill Clinton to be elected the Vice-President in 2008, even though he's served two terms already as President? Or any former two-term President, for that matter - even though an untimely incapacity/death of the President would put him in a position of a third-term President, even though Amendment 22 of the Constitution forbids electing a President to a third term:

"No person shall be electd to the office of the President more than twice..."

Of course, it says nothing about electing a former two-term President to the office of Vice President, and then the President going postal. Third-term President by finagling. Could some guy actually sneak this by the Supreme Court, do you think?

Nope. Re-read your Amendments to the Constitution, specifically the end of Amendment 12:

"But no person constitutionally ineligible to t…

Adios, mis amigos!

I'm off to see the cousins this weekend. Yep, just as we do every Memorial Day week(end). It will be great. :-) We'll run around in the yard, and play in the cousins' pool, and talk to my one cousin about his freshman year at college, and scold my other cousin (in fun, of course) for not writing me back, and show all the cousins my new digital camera...

I love visits to cousins!! :-) And since they always occur on holidays, I therefore love holidays.

Mom will be making poppyseed bread to take for one particular cousin who craves it. It's amusing.

Yes, I have an amazing number of cousins on my father's side. It's great for holiday family get-togethers!


I was thinking aloud last night... to my sister, of course...

One thing I hope for at college - probably the only thing I'm none too sure about - is a roommate I can talk to. The way my sister and I chat after the lights are out at night, about anything and everything, bouncing ideas and opinions off of e…


I have finally listened to "Puff the Magic Dragon" in its entirety.

After years of knowing that he lived down by the sea in a land called Honallie (or however that should be spelled).

And this was a result of finding it among my ramblings on Yahoo Music. I am enjoying this "customize your station" thingy.

Turkish murders

On April 18, five Muslims entered a Christian publishing company and killed three believers in the southeastern province of Malatya. Two of the victims were Turkish converts from Islam and the third man was a German citizen who had lived in Turkey for 10 years. News reports said four of the attackers admitted that the killings were motivated by both “nationalist and religious feelings.”

More at Voice of the Martyrs. It was grisly.

Nerd vs. Geek and other stories

Last night was the graduation celebration at church, as mentioned before. When the youth pastor got up to grill us, I was first (of course - the only girl!). The last kid, however, was by far the funniest. He made clear to us the difference between a computer nerd and a computer geek.

A computer geek has greasy skin. A computer nerd is more intelligent and cool. Also, geeks are into hardware and nerds are into software.

Of course, the kid described himself as a computer nerd.

On another night, Dad said that, since I'll be going off to college and boys will start asking me out, I should come up with some good excuses not to go (to use on the boys I don't like, of course). He mentioned the one that he got in high school - "I have to wash my hair that night!" - and that got me and my brother on a roll. Also thinking of "I have to paint the driveway" from some episode of Full House that my brother saw once, here's what we came up with:

--Sorry, I have to…

Hats are the ones I love.

In other words, I got a new hat yesterday. A nice navy blue messenger hat:

And I got one last Friday at another rummage sale - a purple knit cap.

Which brings the total to twenty-two plus a graduation cap! (Proof - i.e., pictures of all twenty-two-plus hats!)

Flickr Pickrs

I finally used my digital camera for something I thought about putting on here....

And I finally uploaded the pictures...

SO here is a picture of my church's new sanctuary!!

Ain't it niiice?

The red flag on the right is the AWANA flag, if you're not familiar with the program. The projection screen is hidden up behind that triangle on the back wall. And those two black-sheep chairs are there because they have arms, which are helpful for a couple nice elderly folks.

And speaking of photos... I missed a photo album last time. I have six large ones, not five... three, four, six, yeah that's right. (Read: three that are huge, one that is good and large, plus two that are medium large, add up to six.)

Photos & Productions

I must have flipped through ten photo albums this afternoon... make that fifteen... *begins counting*

five of my own
a couple of mine that oughtn't to count since they're so small
seven of Mom's and Dad's... or, six; one was empty, I forgot
another two of Mom's and Dad's
another three of Mom's and Dad's

I think that's all. What did that add up to?.... sixteen, not counting the little things. See, what did I tell you??

I was picking out pictures to put on my display board next Sunday at the Graduation Celebration at church. Every year, all the high school grads get all their old school stuff and pictures together, including little trophies and such, and display them on tables around our little church gym. (See my details of last year's to get an idea of what it's like.) I will be displaying the aforementioned five photo albums (which I invariably type ablums) and some trophies from 4-H and the million pictures I pulled out of the various abl-- …

Laptop accessories!

OK, we went up to my grandma's to pick up my graduation pictures from my uncle. While we were there, this same uncle gave me an Internet card for my laptop! And it works!

Then another uncle (the bachelor one) gave me a niiiice black leather laptop bag to put all my stuff in. It even has a unique smell, since he smokes pipes in his living room where the bag was stored for awhile. Not a bad smell, actually; nothing at all like cigarettes' smell.

Plus that uncle also gave me a hat from my Dad's favorite college sports team. A nice wheat-colored, woven something-or-other hat (I'd say straw but it's not), with a black band around the crown that has the logo on it. I really like it, but I may have to surrender it to Dad because it fits him pretty well too.

...and of course, amid all the excitement, I left the envelope of pictures on my grandmother's kitchen table. I should be getting them in the mail either tomorrow or Saturday.


I babysat a little two-year-old girl this afternoon, whom I shall call Livy. (For absolutely no reason related to the old Roman guy. I'm sorry if you will forever after picture this little girl with a toga on, because she's much cuter in a pink dress.) Anyhow, Livy certainly loved the outdoors today, because I took her on two walks (well, me pushing the stroller type walking) totalling an hour, and besides that - when she wasn't napping or snacking, that is - all she did was play outside in the swing or something. We had the bubbles out for a few minutes, but not too long. Mostly I pushed her in the baby swing and we picked white dandelions.

The reason for our sudden weedy affections was: "let's blow the little seeds away!" And she really enjoyed it, once she got the hang of blowing hard enough, and stopped putting the dandelions too close to her mouth. It's more fun than blowing bubbles, don't you know, and less expensive.


I started my new journal today. A cute, half-page-sized, purple-and-yellow "Diary" (as it states) with a butterfly on its front and a lock on its side. (You know, one of those cheap little square locks that provides almost no real security and breaks about the seventh time you unlock it. Just gives a sense of security, not necessarily a reality.)

So I named it May, I think. For an obvious reason. Used that naming method on one about two years ago, which I started in April.

The journal, that is. I never name the locks.

On another note........ today was our church's annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. 'Twas good.

And, I planted about twenty (okay... maybe only fifteen...) little plants in our front yard this morning, in the big, slightly muddy area where the huge ugly bushes used to be. I guess gardening isn't so bad after all. There's still dirt stuck under my nails, though.

Shall I bore you with an account of my last homeschool group meeting, a picnic? I thought no…

I'm typing this....

...from my new (to me) laptop. No kidding.

This guy at church asked my brother to fix his TV - a simple matter really - and when we dropped it back at his house, he came out with this little black box and said he had an extra one lying around so I might as well have it! Apparently his son used to type his college papers on it. He also gave us some speakers, but that wasn't a surprise.

As I said two days ago, when I put it in the car to go home: YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!

So now I've installed XP (or rather, my brother installed it and I bothered him a bit while he did), installed the stuff that came with my camera, and borrowed an internet thingy temporarily. (Only sporadically, and only till I get my own internet card thing.) This keyboard thing is a little difficult to get used to - I'm forever looking for the "end" key in the wrong spot - and the mousepad is a whole new ball game. I keep messing up with it, but I am getting better, I promise. :-)

This is so much f…

First teeny tiny camera!

Yup, I went and bought it! It was really cheap... and I used a gift card to buy a 512MB xD picture card, also on sale.

As far as the camera goes, I think they were just trying to get rid of old stock to make way for the new. If a camera this nice is sold at a hundred bucks, wouldn't you begin to suspect some such reason? But I had no intention of getting "the latest model", mostly because I can get a camera just as good (or better) for much less.

So, you may be able to see a few things in the next few weeks, once I figure this little thing out... such a teeny little thing... it looks like a garage door opener, only a tiny bit bigger and heavier...