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It's contagious!

I forgot - there's this bug going around the RI blogs (three to date), and.... well..... I've been infected! :-D So leave a comment and I shall:

1. Tell you why I friended you

(Oh, yes - this was originally on some LiveJournal blogs, where you can actually "friend" people, unlike on Blogger where you just can't... so, I shall amend the question!)

1. Tell you why.... oh, I don't know.... how about YOU tell ME why you read my blog, when you first comment? That sounds good!
2. Associate you with a song/movie
3. Tell a random fact about you
4. Tell a first memory about you
5. Associate you with an animal or fruit
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7. In response, you MUST spread this disease in your blog.

(And as the first carrier of this disease pointed out, that last requirement is more of a suggestion.... it's entertaining though, so I'll recommend it!)

Children's picture-book contest

Now, I'm not really into fiction writing... and I don't write for children at all.... at least, I never have before. But now I've decided I'm going to write a little children's book to submit to Sylvan Dell Publishing's children's book contest (PDF file). It'll be something new, anyway, and who knows? I might even, by some miraculous coincidence, win the thing. It's open only to currently homeschooled high-schoolers, so pass on the info! (Oh yeah - SDP's normal website is


Now that would be a hilarious title for a post on Valentine's Day! Don't you think?

er.... *grins*

But I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to the snow that God dumped on us yesterday and overnight. We had a snowdrift in our driveway that was at least three feet deep. So Dad, my brother and I went out this morning to dig the cars out of the drifts, and when we had gotten about ten percent of the snow cleared, our neighbor offered to remove all the snow via his snowblower. It went much faster, and was much easier on my arms & back.

Some of our neighbors may be less than friendly (it's the town...), but these are nice. They even have a nice dog, an Alaskan Husky I think.

German HSed girl snatched

Now this is another reason I'm not German.

What is Germany thinking??

The German homeschool association wrote up the complete story of how young Melissa was taken into state custody - for being homeschooled.

In summer 2004, Melissa was told that she would have to repeat the 7th grade at the Christian Ernst Gymnasium (a high school where one can obtain the Abitur, the highest German high school diploma) due to her bad grades in math and latin. The situation in the class played no small part in creating this state of affairs - the high noise levels and cancelled classes prevented her from receiving the educational assistance she needed during school hours.

AND she had good grades in everything else!! But that didn't matter to the judge... neither did fairness:

On the afternoon of the 1st of February, the judge of the Family Court, representatives of the Youth Welfare Office, along with fifteen police officers, marched up to the Busekros home, to haul Melissa off to the Child Psychiat…

Knowledge, an Alaskan, etc.

An RIer, on his blog, recently commented about Wikipedia: "its sorta strange how much info there is about certain things on there, and comparatively little about other arguably more important topics."

Is he right, or is he not?

Just to try it, I looked up "knowledge". It's a pretty short article.

And another RIer updated her blog (at least, the Blogspot one) for the first time in months! And she crammed all her MySpace entries from three months into that! (Well, they were separate posts, but still!)

I made her transfer them over, since I abhor MySpace. :-P

I forget what day this was supposed to be.

Day four, perhaps? But it matters not; we have returned to normalcy. I finished another book last night, while waiting for people to decide when bedtime was. How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer. (Did I spell that right? I have a sneaking suspicion that his name somehow varies from the normal spelling...) Good book; reminded me that I should read Abolition of Man by C.S.Lewis again, and perhaps Mind Seige by Tim LaHaye. The three books somehow have something in common.....

So vacation is over. Real life begins anew, with all the mundanity (mundaneness??) that I'm used to.

Oh yeah - and I got an e-mail about ministry-through-music groups at the college I'm going to. I think I shall join up!

Day three

I think this'll be a good day. :-)

Yesterday: finished Jane Eyre, played with my dreidel, wrote a long entry in my journal about one of the rooms in our spot... I love that room. Perhaps, when we return from vacation, I may take the time to type up that description........... there's just something about that room that I love. Is that odd?