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Something funny I found...

I don't usually read forwards. But this one directed me straight to a Snopes link (which usually will debunk a forward) so I went ahead and looked.

A Tale of Two Houses

Al Gore's Energy Use

Now who's the conservationist...?

But anyway. Yeah, he gets some energy from "green" sources. Fine. OK, he buys "carbon offsets" to do restitution for his high energy use. Well and good. But, it's completely illogical to justify high energy use by saying one is using some "green" energy with it! Why not just use the green energy in the first place? Why not use as little energy as you can, so you can spread it around, green or not?

I don't think I can adequately explain this... but it just doesn't make sense to use a lot of energy when you could use less. And I'm sure, since he's already paying for this much energy, he could afford to make some changes of the sort.

Whew! What a storm!

Wow.... I just had a very extended weekend break because of wind.

You know that hurricane that came by a couple days ago? Mr. Hurricane Ike? Yeah, that wind.

You see, though I am far inland, apparently the residue of the hurricane was still strong enough to knock down trees (both here on campus and around town), knock out power lines, and generally wreak havoc with life. So from Sunday supper till Tuesday lunch, we had no power except what was being generated in the student union and the cafeteria. And batteries....

So we learned to have FUN without electricity! For the most part, anyway. We played draw-pass (basically Telephone on paper), poker, euchre, volleyball, foosball, and a game known variously as Liar or B.S.; I took a couple bike rides, both with and without friends; played guitar and autoharp, and sang; and generally just sat around shooting the breeze.

Of course, we did have Guitar Hero hooked up to one TV in the student union for awhile, and SGA showed a movie Monday ni…

Another one bites the dust, but chivalry still lives

Friends of mine recently broke up, amicably I think. Apparently college romances come and go; and maybe that's the nature of it. But still.

On the flip side: apparently a friend of mine did a very chivalrous act recently, and got himself in the young lady's mother's column. Read the whole story, but the gist of it is:

...No, what expired was the idea my 16-year-old daughter would have an escort to her Homecoming, a mere two days away.

The date, let's call him Dudley, "Dud" for short, canceled, his excuse being something along the lines of, "My new girlfriend doesn't want me to go ... I am a spineless wimp ... sorry I didn't call earlier, like a month ago, and I am an idiot ... OK, bye."

....Thursday night our phone rang again. It wasn't Dud; it was Bobby. He asked if he might have the privilege of escorting my daughter to her Homecoming. Big points for Bobby, at least 100.

Bobby showed up Saturday night, in a crisp gray suit. 50 points. He…

Morning Poker and Midnight Parks

To tell the truth... I forgot my laptop at home last weekend... therefore, I have had less access to the Internet than I would like, and have needed to use it on other things (such as homework). But I have it now!

Friday night... or perhaps Saturday morning... I spent hours playing poker. Now, I'd never known the first thing about poker till Labor Day, on which date I played a few rounds to learn, at a friend's house. (At least now I know the rudiments of Texas Hold'em.) So after watching a movie on Friday, we all decided that we didn't want to watch yet another video, and broke out the poker chips instead. I had some nice multicolored piles by 1:30, when we had to leave the apartment for the night (visiting hours... such is life on a Christian college campus, you know). At one point the owner of the poker chips was sure I was bluffing--when I actually did have a pair of kings in my hand--and I pretty much took all his good chips and left him with some ones and ma…