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Two days. Or one and a half.

Whichever you prefer; maybe you're Vulcan and will take the more precise description.

As the title implies, or fairly shouts, I'm soon to move into a dorm room with a girl I've never seen before. Doesn't that sound scary?

On the other hand, I'm also on the brink of intense learning and an entirely new experience. That could either be scary or exciting, depending on your personality. For me, it leans toward the exciting. A lot.

And then, I'm nearly to decorating the room in bright Hawaiian colors and all sorts of maps and posters. Now doesn't that sound fun?

So, you may or may not hear from me on Saturday afternoon. Also, you might possibly read a hyper post tomorrow around sixish or nineish. I'm not sure.

And, just for the fun of it, here are some photos on my Flickr about college.

Four days.

And I went shopping last night, to buy:
--milk, eggs, and Velveeta (for the family
--a medical thermometer, imitation vapo-rub stuff (I think it's officially "medicated chest rub"), a small tension rod, a power strip, and a pillow (for me at college)

Now I am slowly getting my trunk packed, along with a couple boxes, a laundry basket, a wastebasket, a suitcase and a duffel bag. No, seriously - I have a trunk and I know how to use it! :-P It will store clothes & linens, and double as seating.

Oh yeah, as far as furniture goes, I also plan to bring a bookcase (hence the boxes - they contain books, mostly) and a sewing machine. Now do you understand how big my dorm room happens to be? Considering I'll probably be able to arrange all the furniture along the walls...

Of Hamsters and Hittites, part two (long overdue)

And by long, I mean long. Back in May of 2006, I mentioned on my old blog that I'd just seen the Monty Python movie about the holy grail. The funniest line back then is still the funniest line, in my opinion anyway; but I've just found the verse from which the Biblical insult was taken. Look it up at Bible Gateway....

Really. You have to read the old post in order to understand this post!

Announcing the Incredible Multilingual RS!

It's Amazing!

It's Astounding!

It's "Increible!"


*(now for the rest of the story...)

I am fluent in English and Hypertext Markup. I am relatively familiar with Spanish. I can sing one song and speak approximately five words of French. I know a poem and a few words of Latin. I can sing two Hebrew songs, and one song in French Creole; and I can greet someone in Japanese, German, and Hawaiian.

French Creole
Hypertext Markup

Count 'em. Ten languages. *grin*

Wet basements

Yeah, ours was wet....

Now it smells of bleach and mustiness.

And my feet hurt from hours of basement working this morning/early afternoon.

Now for the long story:

We had a worse than usual rain storm this past week, which caused our basement to get... wet, shall we say. So we had just a teeny bit of water, but it was all over - and thus anything that directly touched the floor was ruined, or pretty much. Boxes of books, a few old files (fortunately nonessential), miscellaneous stuff, and four suitcases (well, three suitcases and one vanity case).... lots and lots of stuff. We won't miss most of it though.

So at about nine this morning, after I got my bookshelves painted, my sis and I descended into the dank smelly basement to clean up. And were there almost constantly till about one o'clock. Each of us had a doughnut somewhere in there to tide us over till we really had some lunch.

And now there is a huge pile of black trash bags and brown cardboard boxes outside our garage. …

Oh yeah....

I changed a few of the pictures on my blog layout, most notably the featured one. What do you think?

I finished up my summer babysitting job today.....

And we had a little water in our basement this week. Happens after almost every very heavy rain.

AND I'm almost finished with my dorm room window curtain!!

My last homeschool assessment! And pool stories.

We all went to a certified teacher's house again this morning to be assessed, just like last year and every summer before that for as long as I can remember.

It was nice. The lady, who also writes for her local newspaper, offered to let me write an article or two for the paper over my college breaks. (The newspaper is trying more to get students who are interested in journalism in on the action.) Wouldn't that be cool???

Also today, we went swimming. I got dunked about a hundred and fifty times. Well, maybe not that much. But it seemed like every time I came up for air, either my brother or our tall mutual friend dunked me again. Of course, once we got in to the really deep area, where none of us could get footing, I dunked them right back. Serves them right! :-P

By the way - has anyone ever played Dragon Tag under the mushroom in the pool? It's just like normal tag, only it's in the pool, and base is the mushroom - which must be reached by swimming under the wal…

Fountain pens

I had fun awhile back photographing my fountain pens... now I'm going to redesign my blog a bit using the photos!

Which is your favorite of these three?

I played with the second one so now it looks like somebody painted it or something. Not exactly sure what the effect was called. I like it though.

Bookstores part two

Anyhow, remember that bookstore gift card I got for my graduation? I finally used it, at a store that was closing down in Tennessee!

So I got:
Persuasion (J.Austen)
Jane Eyre (C.Bronte)
Elements of Style (Strunk/White)
Dear Mr. President (no idea of the author; it's a bunch of letters sent to the presidents over the years)
a pack of little notebooks for my purse
a portable purple reading lamp
and a portable silver lamp for my brother's birthday

The books were forty percent off and the the others were a dollar each.


Wow, this was a great trip.

We went to a city outside Nashville to help out with a VBS for poor kids that lived in the neighborhood behind the church where we were. I had charge of the K-1st graders, only three to seven of them (four most nights). I loved 'em.

Here's one of them doing crafts:

She was Jasmine - a very pretty name. She was very shy at first, as you might expect, but she warmed up to us after a couple nights.

We also went on a few excursions: the Carter House (which was in the thick of the bloddiest battle, by percentage, of the Civil War)... Brentwood, TN to gawk at all the famous singers' houses... a little place called Merridee's, where famous singers frequent (Michael W. Smith was there the time we went) and where I enjoyed taking many black-and-white photos...

....and to the Opry Mills Mall, where we were able to take a self-guided tour of the Aquarium Underwater Dining Adventure.

All these excursions took place because a couple work proj…