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Books and Letters and Legislation...

I'm reading "Democracy in America". It's hard... even though it's abridged. I mean, I know all the words, but the sentences are somewhat complex so I have to read them over to fully grasp what he's saying. It's very, very good though.

I got a letter from the Mayor of Chicago yesterday. Can you guess why? Oh all right I'll tell you... since you're just dying to know. :-P Apparently he promotes St. Xavier University officially. 'Tis a Catholic college out in Chicago, and my dad says the mayor's Catholic, so it makes sense I guess.

I got another college letter today. This must be the... fifth? fourth? something like that, different college that I've never heard of, but happens to be a rather well-known selective college. Anyhow, this one was from Smith College. Never heard of it, but it's a "women's liberal arts college." I wonder how much emphasis is on "liberal"?

And what is the idea behind trying to subvert the First Amendment? I heard this on Hewitt's show tonight - one of my first times listening to the show, which happened to be on during my late supper. So I checked it out on his blog. Some college in California is refusing to sell to a religious broadcaster simply because they're religious! Whatever happened to "nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof"?


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