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Projects, take two

Yeah..... so I did kinda work on one or two of my projects... I think... well, let's review.

1. I actually got most of the way through my writing project.... er, the first draft. Still have some to add, then comes editing!
2. I've not touched the book, at least that I remember. AND I have another journalism book (that looks fascinating!) to add to that reading, all of which must be finished in the next two weeks.
3. The special music didn't pan out, so I didn't have to practice for that after all.
4. Don't even ask about the college planning. Zilch.
5. No calligraphy yet either. At least that can wait indefinitely!
6. But I did write a couple days in my journal!

However, I did finish shopping for clothes that I needed, and altered one of my new-to-me pairs of jeans this afternoon! Nothing too outlandish (not like my last pair, that's for sure), but something unique just to flare the boot-cut legs. Didn't take too long. All I did was take some denim and broadcloth (both conveniently left over from old sewing projects!) and basically inserted them into the seam. The two fabrics made an interesting effect. I don't have pics though.

I should start my own line of jeans. Just for me. :-)

Well I really ought to get going on my book...... hmm.....


Guitarlady said…
At least you have your planner!

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