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Of Macs and Russians and Shopping.... (oh my!)

So my brother has been trying his best to install a version of Linux onto an old Mac computer we recently acquired. It's not as easy as it sounds.... because it's PPC, whatever that means. I'm only aware of all the troubles he's having because I'm acting as a mediator of sorts between my brother and one of my friends who happens also to be somewhat of a computer geek (and has actually tackled this problem before, albeit minimally).

I've also been treading my way through War and Peace. Got into the 200s today... (That would be pages, meaning I got past the 200th page sometime this afternoon.) So far it's not half bad. I think I like Tolstoy's writing style very much; although the sentences occasionally get very long, it seems as if the way he thinks is similar to how I think, if only peripherally. I love the way he describes the expressions on the faces of the characters.

I did make it through the chapters about the first big battle (the one in which the artillery manage to burn down a town and they barely repulsed the French). I'm not really much of one for details on battles and all--I am a girl (grin)--but it wasn't that bad. It was much more interesting than the little I remember from the battles in The Iliad and The Odyssey, at any rate. I actually got a little excited when the artillerymen were really getting into their job.

I haven't read this challenging of a book in a long time, though. I'm quite enjoying it. However, it is difficult to sit down and read the book in half-hour segments.... so I have spent the entirety of this day reading it, pretty much. I mean, I did laundry and ate and took periodic e-mail/Facebook breaks, in addition to reading... and I took a nap somewhere in there... but it was lovely just to curl up on the couch and read for awhile. It helped that that couch is the only place in the house at present where I can get warm enough for comfort.

Mom & I went shopping last night; a tradition of ours, for just the two of us to go out and have a Wal-Mart buying spree for the cousins and various aunts and uncles (and grandparents) for Christmas. We had waaaay too much fun in the toy department though... remember those fun needle boxes that would take the shape of whatever you stuck on the littl needles? (Not pointy needles.) We got one of those for my young cousin, and haven't been able to keep our hands off it since. *grin* The best part was that all of this was after about ten-thirty at night.... we got home after midnight, and I didn't actually get to bed until about twenty or quarter till one. Thus I stayed in my nice warm bed until nine o'clock this morning (when Mom roused me for a yummy banana drink, which I could have on condition that I was up and about).


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