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Fleet Week in NYC

Today, I learned why I’d seen so many uniformed military men passing through Manhattan: This weekend is the height of New York City’s Fleet Week, when members of the Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy descend on the city for a sort of shore leave. There is a ton of stuff going on in Times Square, including the Navy Band Northeast (which was this evening) and some drilling from the Coast Guard’s Silent Drill Team (which was fantastically fun).

Coming tomorrow: a video about the drill team! I got some interviews with members of the drill team after they were done drilling, and one explained to me the process of becoming a part of the drill team. Look for it!


Abby said…
You gotta go to whatever parade and stuff they have for Memorial day if you can....that'd be cool. The other stuff sounds cool too.
Carol said…
Just checking in to see how New York is treating you! It will be fun to say, "I knew her when . . . " once you're rich and famous!
RS said…
Abby: Well, I looked for the parade listings for Manhattan, and the only one is like two subway trains away. And that's if I'm not in class during that time. :( There's a lot going on besides the parades though, so I'm sure I'll hit something.

Carol: :) New York City is fantastic, though I don't really see too much of it since I'm doing stuff for class pretty much all day.

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