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Life on my own #27: Super-smashers

It’s easier to say super-smashing movies than “movies starring superheroes and supervillains smashing each other to smithereens.” Don’t you think?

Among the quirks that my sister and I share in our friendship is the fact that I don’t watch superhero movies without her. Sissy, you’re the one I was always tracking down in the Graphic Novel section of the library when we were little – you remember? I thought they were silly books beneath my notice, apparently, except where Superman was involved. I’m pretty sure I had a Superman compilation out from the library that was the size of a laptop and at least as thick.

But those new-fangled superheroes from Marvel and D.C. Comics, I had no patience for them. I mean, really? A Green Lantern? And Batman, to me, had to involve George Clooney (or later Christian Bale) to be interesting.

Even the Batman movies were ones that my sis watched before I did, I’m pretty sure. All I remember is that several years ago she was over-excited that something called X-Men was coming out. Pretty sure I had vague visions of Star Trek meets X-Files for that movie.


Maybe I wasn’t far off!

But I did watch that one, and the X2 movie (whatever it was really called), and the X-Men movie where Jane Grey turns into the Phoenix, and the movie about Wolverine. Merely because that’s what my sissy decided to plug into the DVD player. *hides secret wish to be able to fly*

After the X-Men came on the scene, I remember watching a couple Fantastic 4 movies. And I saw the Ironman movies. Pretty sure I even saw one Hulk movie. (It was dumb.) For some reason, I also watched at least the first Transformers movie, but that’s not quite in the same category of super-smash movie. Despite all the smashing going on.

So the last time I watched a super-smash movie was… probably the second Ironman movie, whenever sissy had it out from the library. Pretty sure I saw that one, anyway. I don’t really remember it.

So when my sis came for a visit with my cousins last week, I suggested we watch The Avengers in the theater with one of our cousins who also likes watching super-smash movies.

Why I suggested that, I don’t know. Maybe because I’ve watched too many chick flicks and somber philosophical movies lately.

So we hit a Monday matinee at the new theater not far from my cousins. I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed the movie’s fight scenes and clear-cut lines splitting the good guys and the bad guys. Oh, and I have to admit it was hilarious to watch some of the superheroes picking on each other. They were being such boys.

On second thought, maybe I wanted to watch a super-smash movie because I just don’t have enough guys in my life to laugh at.

So after watching The Avengers, my cousin said she’d not seen Captain America. Which of course I’d not seen either. Remember the last super-smash movie I saw? Yeah. And I and another cousin had missed Thor, too, when it came out. (That’s how I missed recognizing the Huntsman in the new Snow White movie.)

Guess what two movies we got from the library for Tuesday and Wednesday night?

I still can’t believe I’ve watched three super-smash movies this week. But sisterly and cousinly togetherness has to be had when it’s feasible, even if that mans taking it in one large chunk and paying for it in extra sleep over the weekend. By the way, sleeping in doesn’t work when the sunshine pours in the window at 6:15 a.m.


mafia said…
You're silly. I had other things to comment but I got interrupted reading this and I forgot what they were....:-)
Sarah said…
Of course I'm silly. Aren't I called Silly Sawah or soemthing? :D
Sarah said…
*something.... grr typos.

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