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Life on my own #44: Appliances

Some days, I don't think twice about going to the laundromat. I've basically relied one laundromat or another since I was almost 18. Old habits are hard to break.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to do laundry in your pajamas? (For me, laundromats and wearing pajamas are mutually exclusive. Yes, I know the People of Walmart beg to disagree.)

So once I bought my house, I realized, Sarah, it's time for you to grow up and get a clothes washer. I mean, it's the logical next step. (After a mower, of course.)

Thing was, I actually had to find a decent second-hand washer. And a dryer. I hate letting towels drip-dry. They get all scratchy and weird. Anyway, even if I found suitable appliances, I had to figure out how to get them from point A to point B.

Subcompact cars aren't the best for that.

Enter: The Cousin. This Cousin, a construction worker, is quite adept at lifting heavy things. In addition, he owns a Truck.

In a very convenient twist of fate, Cousin absolutely loves Pizza and will do anything for me if I give him Pizza.

So we got a Pizza from the best Pizza place in town (or so I've heard; I'm not a Pizza aficionado myself), and on the road we went, squeezing another cousin in between the two of us in the cab of Cousin's Truck.

Cousin made me drive because he doesn't like driving in the city. This "city" is about seven miles end to end and doesn't even have any four-lane roads on the route we were taking.

But Cousin proved his worth (or his dedication to Pizza) when we arrived at Point A. The machines were quickly loaded onto the bed of the Truck and strapped in with a ratchet strap (or whatever you call those fancy thingummies that Cousin carries in the toolbox on his Truck).

And, doing an easy 60 mph on the way back, we (I) drove straight home, meeting an uncle at the house to help tote the machines downstairs to the basement, where the appliance hookups were (not so) conveniently located.

Fortunately, I didn't have to lift a finger to get the appliances downstairs. Cousin and my uncle took care of that heavy duty. All they left to me was buying a new O-ring for one of the washer hoses. At the cost of a mere 25 cents!
Aren't they so pwetty?? :D


Abby said…
So not little ceasars?
Who else came?
Does this "doesn't like driving in city" stem from a particular incident?
So craigslist find or did you actually know the former owner?
Did you announce on facebook you were doing this or did you just call said Uncle?
Do they work well in the location placed?
Did you have fun with cousins? :-)
Guitarlady said…
How nice of said Cousin! :-) It can be quite handy living in "cousinland", besides all the fun you have!
Carol said…
I found you! Computer crashed, lost my Favorites, found you on Google on the first page, just by using "Pen or Sword?" I was impressed! I will have to read this tomorrow, as I have an appointment, but I am glad to find you! I have a new e-mail address, too, which I will send soon! Love, Carol
Unknown said…
Well, I will be happy when you answer all of Abby's questions--then we'll know the whole story! :-) Meanwhile, I am impressed with your gumption! I remember in my younger years going to the Laundromat to wash clothes since I only had a dryer! Then I lugged home the wet clothes because I was too cheap to pay for the dryer at the Laundromat! :-)
Sarah said…
Nope, not Little Caesars this time. Another place I'll show you next time you're over! Our seamstress cousin came. I don't think his aversion to city driving stems from anything in particular, just unfamiliarity with stoplights. :D Found via a local Facebook garage sales group, so Craigslist-esque; and I actually texted our aunt to see if the boy cousins would be available, and he volunteered instead. The machines do work quite well where they are! I washed another three loads today after camping! And of COURSE I had fun with cousins. :D
Sarah said…
And Carol! So glad you found me! I got your email with your new address!
Abby said…
So THAT'S his problem driving...:-D
You didn't hurt his back did you?
Glad they work well; I am house sitting (different house) and they store weird stuff above their washer/dryer last time I checked...

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