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Compendium of Links #50

This... has been a busy week. Good, but busy. You already know about the guitar. What you don't know, also, is that my siblings were over to visit last weekend and I lost about half my sleep every night because I decided instead to spend time hanging out with them and with my cousins. I managed to make it through this week, though, despite the sleep deprivation!

But, in honor of this blog's 50th Compendium, I present the first collection of 2014, which is neither more nor less eclectic than all the Compendia before... and every bit as nerdy.

The electricity-generating bicycle desk that would power the world - You know, I could get into using this. Really, I could. I stand up at my desk half the time already. And fidget.

LOL My Thesis - Masters' and doctoral theses distilled into one or two basic, often snarky sentences. Like Truth is, Nurse Practitioners are a band aid solution to Canada’s broken health care system.

Have American parents got it all backwards? - An argument in favor of letting kids do dangerous things because, well, how else are they supposed to learn how to tackle dangerous things safely? And other commentary on American vs. Asian child-rearing.

Steve's Lutheranism FAQ - One Lutheran writes out a pretty thorough explanation of certain characteristics of Lutheran theology and church management, which I find helpful in distinguishing Lutheranism from, say, Calvinism.

Instagram may be allowing us to forget - From ReadWriteWeb...
" fact, we’ve always had bad memories. In the past, we relied on our significant others, family members and friends to help us with recall. Turns out, Google, Facebook and Instagram aren’t making you stupid, they are acting as a supplement for your real-life memory banks."

How y'all, youse and you guys talk - Take the quiz and see what your words say about your origins! From the New York Times, a pretty cool combination of data, mapping and linguistics.

What does "intentional" mean in dating? - A Gospel Coalition writer takes a Mars Hill pastor to task when the pastor recommended some prescriptive rules for guys and dating. Good observations.

Three things you don't know about your children and sex - Important for parents and those who mentor children to read and understand. The three things are that Google is the new sex ed, if your kid was ever molested you probably don't know it, and your kid isn't the exception.

15 questions your hairstylist should be asking you - I really need to get around to finding a good hairdresser, and this seems like pretty solid advice for doing so. (And I think Leslie Mann and I have the same hair... proof is in the pictures.)

And for your video pleasure, check out a Scottish guy with a thick accent reading a poem written by Robert Service!


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