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Tozer on consequences

No man lives unto himself. Either directly or indirectly, you are deeply influencing somebody else. If you are a carelessly living Christian, there may be persons who will use your careless life as a shield, a hiding place for his own much more serious iniquity. Or there may be those who kneel at night and say, "God, make me like brother So-and-so, make me like Mrs. So-and-so." It can be both ways, for deeds have consequences and are the result of choices, whether they are impulsive choices or carefully thought out choices.

In the Bible, a wise man is not necessarily an educated man or one of high cultural level, although he could be. A wise man is a man who acts with an eye to consequences. He thinks, "What will the result of this be?" Then he acts in a way that will bring him consequences he will not have to be ashamed of or afraid of in the day to come.

--Paragraphs excerpted from "The Dangers of a Shallow Faith," A. W. Tozer

I'm not dead, but it's been a busy few weeks, and I hope to have some more blog posts written in the next couple of weekends. Especially with the three-day weekend coming up!


Abby said…
Which of course begs the clip:

Also, wisdom, contrary to cultural opinion, does not necessarily come with age, one can be a wise young person, and an old person mayn't be wise at all...
Sarah E said…
Love that clip. :D

Yep, although comparatively speaking, I've no doubt there are more wise old people than there are wise young ones.
Abby said…
Quite so, but one cannot assume just because someone is old, he or she is wise, which sometimes happens today. And conversely, one should not assume that just because someone is young, that he or she is foolish (although examples of this are highly prevalent).

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