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*dingdingding* Congrats to...

...well, I'm not sure who.

Blogger's Overview tells me I have 1,005 published comments.

But when I go to the Comments section to review them, it says I have 1,009.

So, either Carol or Abby posted the 1,000th comment.

Carol's was:
It is UNKNOWN to me why I am listed as "Unknown", but I don't know how to fix it, so please be advised that I am "Unknown"!
Carol M.
And Abby's:
So that like 167 comments a year...that not a whole lot thought is it?
Hers comes up if I go by the 1,009 number. And I thought that was an appropriate comment for a 1,000th comment. Don't you?

At any rate. I love my readers. Thanks for sticking through six years and an undetermined number of months of my blogging on Blogger.

Come to think of it, most of you will remember back when I had the KB blog... El Cuaderno... *relapses into reminiscence*


mafia said…
Um, you're welcome? :-D
Unknown said…
Hi, Sarah, I am happy to share the "honor" of the 1,000th comment with Abby, one of my favorite young ladies! It's too bad my commment had to be such an "unintelligent" one, though! Just wanted you to know that the prize money hasn't arrived in the mail yet! Love, Carol
Sarah said…
Haha! I'm guessing there's some strange cookie issue with your computer, so you might try clearing the cache and deleting cookies. Just make sure you remember all your website passwords, though, because you'll have to re-log into everything (including Facebook).

I'll be sure that prize money gets in tomorrow's mail. Hope you don't mind Monopoly bills. ;)
MJ said…
KB...epic times those were.
Sarah said…
Epicness to the nth power.
Carol said…
I am unclear as to what you want me to do about the cookies . . . I will have to check with my computer guru! Oh, and I did dump Facebook and have saved lots of time! How can I get my computer to tell me when you make entries on your blog?

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