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I can't think of anything.

...except college stuff. That's what I've been doing for awhile... trying to decide what characteristics I'd like most, figuring out when to schedule visits (will have to be in Nov. but not before!), receiving umpteen college letters...

But yesterday my family painted the front doors and washed & waxed the three vehicles. (One van for Mom, one nice Taurus wagon for Dad, one old - like, 16 years old - wagon for me. Station wagon, that is.) Oh, and I helped paint the garage steps on Saturday.

Cars and Lady in the Water (that's the newest Shyamalan) are at the dollar theater! And I have fifteen cinemabucks to spend. That's.... like, up to six movies for my whole family. (Matinees are half-price, I think.)


da_baum said…
Hey, just thought I'd comment! :)
RS said…
why thank you.

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