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College visit numero uno!

Hah! Believe it or not, I made my first college visit last Monday. Saw most of the campus - which is very pretty. There are trees all over the place, and a large pond sits smack-dab in the middle of it all. The buildings are pretty too, in a late 1800s / early 1900s style (to match the original one or two, which have obviously been renovated). Hmmm.... what else? First I stopped at the admissions office (of course), then the bookstore, where I got a free T-shirt. (I rather like it - it's longer than most of my others.) I got to talk to the journalism prof, which was great. Learned a lot about the journalism program there - it sounded rather good! After the chat, we toured the campus, and saw inside several of the buildings.

The science building is the newest - with a glass elevator too. From there we checked out the time capsule (with an interesting sound experiment there!). Looked through the freshman girls' dorm - its rooms are teeeeeny, and it's not even air-conditioned, the only building on campus that lacks it! Also saw the phys.ed/rec building, for a little at least; then looked at the arts center. We saw the round stage there. I'm not sure what it's really called, but it's a small space in the middle of a bunch of seating. A football field shrunk, I guess, only it's indoors. :-P

Last of all, my whole family ate in the dining hall. It has many windows, which I love, and it's pretty much buffet style, which is also nice. I had a ham sandwich. Yup. No ice cream, but I did have a couple cookies (they had peanut butter!!! YUM!!). Dad took full advantage of all the food there, of course. :-)

All in all, it was fun. Can't wait to see more campi (campuses?? is there such a word??) and get more free T-shirts!


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