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What's been happening, I wonder?

So I scheduled another college visit... not to the same college, of course; this one's totally different. (Well, it's private and conservative, so maybe not totally. But very.)

I'm writing an article on Condi Rice. Thus, I am reading her biography. And ergo, I will be Googling her. Maybe.... maybe I'll just look for a Wikipedia article on her. And follow whatever links it lists.

I'm supposed to enter a couple essay contests by November 1st. One of which is the Voice of Democracy contest, sponsored by the VFW. At least it's simply a 3-5 minute speech on "Freedom's Challenge" (broadness of the topic is intentional to allow for freedom of interpretation). I think I'll narrow the topic to the necessity of an informed electorate. And I may have to narrow it down....

The other essay contest is Guideposts' "Sweet 16 Challenge" or whatever it's called. Up to 1,600 words on a true event that was memorable or changed my life. That one should be a breeze.

I've found that advanced biology isn't quite as hard as I expected it would be.

And I switched my wardrobe from summer to winter.

I think that's it..... oh, and I also found out that I resemble Superman in 95% of my answers to some internet quiz. Lovely...


mafia said…
What's the quiz?
RS said…
Here ya go:

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