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Home on break

You know, it's nice to be home after awhile.

I get to keep my sister up telling her all sorts of stuff about college... mostly stories about the events and people there. I daresay most of the people at college have little idea how much I tell stories about them! But I believe I have told the principal characters , and I don't think they mind much. And of course the stories are purely for enjoyment; I don't think they reflect badly upon anyone.

I also get to look around for summer jobs... am trying again to get involved with the local paper, and I signed up with a temp agency earlier this week. I liked the lady at the temp place--she was very nice and intrigued by my journalism/Spanish combination of interests.

And lastly, I get to fool around on my mother's sewing machine (which actually functions, as opposed to my broken one) and refurbish pairs of hand-me-down jeans... pics coming soon. You won't believe what I've done. :-)


d_b said…
To answer your comment about when i-g and I will update our blogs...the answer is probably never, with those blogs. You still have turkey man to comment on though, so you can at least still comment on his blog. But, I am [public] blogless for the first time in close to four years, and I don't really plan on changing that any time soon. I am deeply sorry, m'lady. Except maybe the occasional Facebook post every once in a while. And if you were to add me on Facebook, then you'd have at least my statuses to comment on every few days...*shrug* But, I'll still be around here to make long and/or random comments on your blog! Isn't it happy? :)
RS said…
ahh, I was wondering if the blogs were defunct. So sad. :-D

...but if you stick around here, I'll be satisfied for the present. :-)
Anonymous said…
yes, feel free always to comment on turkeyman, and add me as a friend and you can stare in wonder at my roving statusii as well...

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