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Snow photos!!

On my Flickr! Including snowdrifts, stuck bikes, and an IGLOO!

"Live Humans Inside" igloo!


mafia said…
did it actually have people inside?
Anybody I know?
RS said…
Well, I heard that seven guys slept inside it Saturday night! Nope, no-one you're familiar with, surprisingly enough. I knew a couple of the guys from my journalism class last semester.

Funny thing--the first time I and my friend ventured in, one of the guys came out and lent us his flashlight. I think they were quite proud of their igloo and wanted all sightseers to have the best opportunities possible.... :-D
mafia said…
Did they make it from scratch or out of a snowplowed pile?

How did it have two messeges on the outside?
RS said…
From scratch... it was just on the other side of the sidewalk that passes in front of their apt.

One message was what you'd see if you approached it from behind and to the left; the other was on the right side (or the left, if you face the front door of the igloo).

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