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Why not to deliver pizza, and other comments

One of my best friends had a job delivering pizza for a very short time... and I'm glad now she quit. Apparently pizza delivery (and other forms of driving-sales) is the fifth most dangerous job in the country.

Consider what it's like to look in a box that appears normal, only to discover a jar of dead cockroaches... yep, cockroaches floating in some sort of preservative (that is non-hazardous, as the label hastened to point out).

Country music today at work, instead of the rap/pop. All things considered, I like this radio station much better. Funny thing is, sometimes the songs played are something I'd expect on a Christian station instead of a secular station. Perhaps country music isn't as compartmentalized as the rest of the music genres. It's a refreshing thought, anyway.


Anonymous said…
country is a funny genre. its sometimes way more family friendly than most genres, but at the same time it can be just as double entendre. actually its a fact that a lot of Christians listen to country because its a common place to find family values.
mafia said…
Apparently I'm "Bookends", strange.
mafia said…
oops...wrong reply....

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