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Curly hair is lots of fun! etc.

And now for your sporadic update on the life of the ReaderSis!

1. I just went on midterm break last week... it was busy, but lovely. I love visiting my family. :-) I also love playing guitar for my church, so I did that over break too. (As part of the praise team... there are very few guitar players at church that will just look at the songs on Sunday and play them with minimal practice.) Those two things are probably what I miss most about being home.

2. I also got my hair cut over midterm break! And I love it! See, my hair has some natural curl... not too much, but just enough that I can sport a layered look and it actually looks good. I've gotten several compliments on my new haircut. And I don't have to do much with my hair in the morning. 'Swonderful.

3. I'm working on a paper now, about the bailout that Congress passed three weeks ago. It's fairly interesting. And as a result of some of my research, I'm now much more aware of the state of international economies....

4. (rant) I wish my college weren't so insular, so much of a "bubble." I'm sure very few students have any idea what's going on in the outside world. (/rant)

5. I'm also at work at the moment, and have about an hour to go to work on this paper. I'm about halfway done, possibly a little more since I've done the preliminary thinking for the rest of the paper!

6. IM and cell phones are quite lovely for keeping in touch with friends and family. :-) Believe it or not, I even IM one friend of mine on campus more than I see him! (We have clashing class/meal schedules.) It beats Facebook Chat which always seems to have problems staying connected.


mafia said…
1. So is college the "home"?

3. And the state of our economy I hope.

5. Did you get that Romance paper done? What'd you do?

6. Who do you IM at college?
RS said…
...and I have answered all your questions. Over IM of course. *grin*

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