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Interesting Focus on the Family website

Well, what did I do today but rediscover one of my favorite columnists?

Focus on the Family has this website for college students-- which a certain J. Budziszewski writes. This man, who also goes by "Professor Theophilus," wrote How to Stay Christian in College a few years ago, a book which I highly recommend. (I read it just before I graduated from high school.) I used to read his columns in one of my favorite teen-magazines every chance I got; and now I can access new columns, written for semi-adults (as opposed to teens), online! Que maravilloso.

(How I wish I could insert Spanish letter characters more easily than cutting-and-pasting from a Word document....)


mafia said…
I don't see any Spanish letter characters....
RS said…
that's the point. It's too much work to put them in... "que" should've had an accent mark on the e.

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