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I feel accomplished today.

It's not even five o'clock, and I've already done quite a lot. I've given two speeches (for the same class, no less!) in which I excelled. I also added to my novel! I helped out with an after-school program that was sewing some simple caps for cancer patients too.

Speaking of the novel... I hit 17,000 words today, and am likely to add at least another thousand tonight (whether during my shift at work or afterwards). It's probably at least five times as long as all the fiction I've written in my entire life... already! And I'm not even halfway done yet! (Yeah, it's the twelfth and I should theoretically be at 25,000 by the fifteenth... I doubt it'll happen...)


mafia said…
Why'd you give two speeches?
RS said…
heh, funny. I realize now I answered your question elsewhere, but appeared to leave you hanging here....

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