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Puzzle Toys and Birthday Parties

Ah. The satisfaction of two things well done.

#1: My roommate's father makes cubic puzzle toys that come apart into group of different shapes (like this). The one my roommate had here in our room took me about half a minute to solve--which impressed her--so she brought back another one her dad made. This second puzzle toy was harder, in that it could only be solved one way, whereas the first had several different solutions.

I fiddled with it half of yesterday afternoon, off and on, to no avail. I took it to work with me, and after getting all my actual work done, I fiddled with it for fifteen minutes straight... and solved it!

Then, my friends wanted to try it, so it came apart again. And I couldn't figure out how to solve it again, until I fiddled with it for about ten more minutes here in my room again and managed to put it all back together. A twice-solved puzzle.

(Ever consider how little-used the z is in the English language? That's why pizazz and dazzle and zazzle and puzzle and twizzler are such fun words!)

#2: My roommate's birthday was recently, but due to schedule conflicts (and there were a lot of 'em) we couldn't really celebrate it until last night. So, my apartmentmate and I planned a small party for her, a surprise party, complete with cupcakes and a slideshow of her friends wishing her a happy birthday. She had no idea of it, so the surprise was successful. She had been wanting a surprise party for years, too. :-)


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