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Writing is loverly

I was whistling "Wouldn't it be loverly?" today and got a couple more comments about whistling (both mine and in general). I do wish everyone were able to whistle; it brings such joy to life.

Anyhow. Today I got the latest issue of a newsletter for which I write, and was pleased to see it filled with articles and photographs, many of which were written/photographed by people I know. (And of course, it's nice to see my own work in print. *smile*) I enjoy writing for this particular newsletter because it's a Christian one, with themed issues; the writing I do for this is like writing features for a newspaper, so it's a cross between reporting (telling a true story) and storytelling (framing it and giving the story a moral or a lesson or whatever). I love it.

For one of my articles (I had two short ones) I wrote about a book I'd just finished which happened to dovetail perfectly with the theme of the article. I'm surprised (again) at how coherent an article I managed to write in little time. Nothing like writing one, not thinking about it again for a month, and then seeing it in print (with a byline!) amid several others.

And apparently my articles have a name--my column is "The Lamppost." My friend the editor could not have picked a better one, methinks. I've been obsessed with lampposts ever since first reading (or rather, having Mom read) the Narnia chronicles, I am convinced.

On another pleasant note, Easter break starts in two days. :-)


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