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Communication at a Christian college

So, someone I know made an interesting statement tonight:

"Nobody at this college is good at communication. Except if they talk about Jesus. Then they'll talk without stopping."

Or something like that, anyway. I don't remember the exact turn of phrase. The unfortunate thing is, she's completely right.

On multiple occasions, administration has failed to properly notify students or staff or faculty about important information/changes. Sometimes they do eventually straighten things out (after the damage has been done), but other times it's just glossed over. The bad thing is that it makes plenty of Christian students disillusioned about Christianity in general, because this institution is so identified with the religion that when the institution fails at something, the religion also gets the blame.

So, yeah, this college needs to get a lot better at communication. If we can talk about Jesus so much, I should certainly hope we can talk about other things too.

(P.S. yes I know it's more than just "talking." The simplification was for the sake of the allusion.)


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