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The beginning of the end... at hand! Run for your liiiiives!!!

Well, not really. I've just begun (=the beginning) my senior year of college (=the end). I have a very convenient class schedule, and I think I will like all my classes, and my jobs; in addition, I'm helping launch our college student media website... which is going to be mostly the newspaper stuff with some video thrown in. But it'll be really neat to finally have that website. (I've been wanting one for four years.)

Also, I got all moved into my new apartment with my new (and familiar) apartmentmates this past weekend. (It was a very hectic weekend.) We finally have a microwave but we're still working on getting the cable to work and acquiring a DVD player.

I finally have a little free time to get caught up on little things, and to get crackin' on my big projects.

Found out this weekend that my local Wal-Mart still sells fabric!! I might just go there this weekend and buy some to make a medieval dress.

What else to tell... what else...

...I got nothin'.


Carol said…
You will be interested to know that the days before Joel started at Stark State, he kept singing "It's the end of the world as we know it!" He had a nice year of working and saving money, and now he has to fit college in with working and saving money! CM
RS said…
Hah! I know that song! It's a funny one. Good for Joel for planning ahead for college.

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