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Canta la música

And I’m supposed to be at work tomorrow morning, 7:45. Why am I up? Oh right. I’m in college. I do silly things like this.

To update:

  • I got suckered into being lead singer for a class band at my college’s upcoming celebration of Latina culture. (I’d write Latino culture, but la cultura is a feminine noun.)
  • I had to write a difficult article for my college newspaper’s website about the suicide of a student at my college.
  • And I have enjoyed being back with some of my best friends at college.

Just sayin’, I love singing in Spanish about as much as I love singing in English. I’m at the point (have been for a while, actually) where I can simply think the meaning behind the words without concentrating on what the words are saying. I know these songs well enough, and the language, that I can get beyond the mere words that convey the meaning. It’s fascinating.


Guitarlady said…
¡Canta con alegría!

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