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Disney princess movies, post #1,982

My friend made an astute observation today as we watched “Happily Ever After,” a Snow White sequel made in the early ‘90s (and a movie which I didn’t bother paying attention to).

If the Disney princess movies set up unrealistic expectations in the minds of young women, with their Princes Charming riding in on white horses, do those movies also give young men unrealistic expectations of beautiful, helpless women who can do anything in high heels and dresses?


da_baum said…
Why shouldn't we expect that beautiful, helpless women can do anything in high heels and dresses? After all, how many guys do you know who have actually tried doing anything in high heels and a dress? How could we possibly know whether or not something is possible in high heels and dress (other than by using common sense, which most people don't have anyway)? If Hollywood is going to tell us something, it must be true, right? Right!
Now if you'll excuse me, I must go hone my Force skills in the swamps of Dagobah...
MutantJanitor said…
You mean, women don't swoon at a guy talking to them! I must reconsider my strategy... ;)

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