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My first car


I bought it this afternoon. :)




Carol said…
Is this the 1997 with 72,000 miles? If so, good for you! I saw your little note that you might get a Saturn or a Nissan, and I see this is a Nissan--not because I recognized it, but because I can read! :-) Norm and I drive a 2000 blackberry-colored Saturn with 120,000-plus miles on it--we love it! Joel drives a 1997 white Saturn (with a moon roof and a spoiler!) with 120,000-plus miles on it, and he loves it, too! Now you need to get in the car and come up sometime!
RS said…
Actually, this is the 2001 with 110,000 miles; the Saturn (with the low mileage) had been totaled before, so Mom wasn't comfortable with it being my first car. Mom said if she were in the market for a car she'd have gotten the Saturn though.

Once I get the hang of stick shift I will have to come visit! I should bring up some of the family too. :D

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