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Compendium of Links #5

Whoops…. missed a few weeks there! One week I was gone for a friend’s birthday, and the next week it was newspaper layout plus a ton of homework (which I got done just in time to watch 1776 with a few musical-loving friends!). Man, the weeks have flown by…

And then there was this week. At least I did post something, right? But it’s been pretty busy, plus I’ve not slept very well almost every night (I got barely 3 1/2 hours last night, for no apparent reason). But this weekend has been lovely so far, including some fine weather!

And now for your sort-of-weekly dose of Sarah’s strange link collection:

Being bilingual is great for the brain – so they say, anyways. It helps your brain process & distinguish important vs. irrelevant information faster. (Yay for me!)

Oh my goodness. I love maps. The Measure of America project is fantastic—lots of data made very, very visual.

Doesn’t this look like a really fun (or maybe interesting) endurance marathon? Well, not technically a marathon—it’s only 3.1 miles—but definitely hard enough, since it includes swamps, nets, fires… it’s pretty much a macho thing. (Via Dan.)

FYE: “A Passion for Beards.” Hilarious infograph mapping the various types and combinations of facial hair elements. AND it includes a quote from one of my all-time favorite authors, G.K. Chesterton!

And now for acoustic guitar music, courtesy of a Facebook friend:

Mm mm mm. I looooove acoustic guitar. Jazz is cool too.


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