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Yesterday was a good day.

  1. I woke up and decided to wear one of my favorite skirts. My outfit looked just right.
  2. The weather greeted me with sunshine and a slight breeze when I exited my apartment.
  3. My e-mail told me I was tentatively approved for funding for my summer internship.
  4. Someone played a cajón in chapel. That is my absolute favorite percussive instrument.
  5. My friend delivered to me some cookies I used to relish during my semester in Central America. You can only get them at certain specialty food places, so she got some for me over the weekend when she made a trip to one of those places.
  6. I did some work in the Mac lab, where a Spanish class is held, so I got to sit in on singing a couple Spanish worship songs.
  7. Broccoli cheese soup was served in the cafeteria for lunch.
  8. One of my fellow Spanish majors, with whom I'd studied in Central America, told me I made her day when I gave her a small packet of my cookies.
  9. Everyone in newspaper practicum was excited for the next issue of the student newspaper.
  10. I got a much better grade than I expected on my first honors paper this semester.


Guitarlady said…
Sounds like a great day!

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