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Compendium of Links #12

Hey look! It’s the second Saturday in a row I’ve managed to compile these links! And that’s even without Internet service in my apartment. *pats self on back* In other news, I played guitar for a wedding today, and it was a marvelous opportunity to bless a young couple using something God’s given me. (Plus it’s fun too!)

Book Hoarding…. a bit thought-provoking. (Via Challies.)

One day the pastor said to himself, “What am I going to do since I don’t have enough shelves to store all my books?” Then he said, “This is what I’ll do: I will take down this old hodge-podge of shelving that I have constructed with boards and bricks and build new shelves, all matching. I’ll make them tall—up to the ceiling in height, so that I can store all my library neatly, attractively and conveniently with some room left over for new purchases. I’ll put them in the main rooms of the house, the basement, and, of course, in shelves covering the walls of my church office. Then I can say to my soul, “Eat chips, drink fine coffee, read and be happy, for a resting place has been found for all your massive library.”

But God said to him, “You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; and now who will own all these books that you have collected?”

How appropriate. After this week’s story of my various forays into chick-flick land, the Gospel Coalition posts an article about the downsides of watching romantic comedies. I.e., they can give a woman false expectations for her future or current husband, particularly in the areas of sensitivity and emotional behavior. Now, I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call them “romantic pornography” as she does—I reserve that term for Harlequin romance books—but she has a good point, one that more women should keep in mind when watching anything involving Meg Ryan (or a Disney Princess, for that matter).

The last three are from the same site (Futurity), but nevertheless interesting….

Yay for smart newspaper readers and voters. I hope more people become savvy to newspaper bias and take political endorsements for what they’re worth!

Sustainable forest harvesting just might be a better idea than building with steel, apparently. Sounds complicated though.

Using life cycle analysis the researchers compared replacing steel floor joists with engineered wood joists, to reduce the carbon footprint by almost 10 tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of wood used. In another example, wood flooring instead of concrete slab flooring was found to reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 3.5 tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of wood used.

And, for our “duh” moment: Older adults make smarter choices and young’uns tend to be deceived by the lure of instant gratification.

It seems that videos are funny, more often than not, and cats invariably induce laughter…..

Long, but amusing. You might have seen it already too, judging by the number of views logged on YouTube.


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