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Life on my own #1

My sister (who goes by Mafia) has occasionally pestered me about updating my blog. “How am I supposed to know what you’re doing?”, she asks, if I don’t? (Try saying asks. Not the easiest word to pronounce, simple as it is.)

So. I moved into my new apartment July 1. My new, lovely, perfect apartment with only a leaky window to mar its wonderfulness. That leaky window can let in nearly a gallon of water in the space of forty-five minutes if it’s raining hard enough. Fortunately I’ve figured out how to use two plastic bags, a large rag-towel, and an old ice cream bucket set atop the radiator in the bathroom to catch it all. Maybe I’ll be able to save the laminate wood floor from any further damage (it had already sustained some, due to the previous, rather irresponsible renter). I’m rather proud that yesterday’s rain netted at least half a gallon with the rag-and-bag-and-bucket system, and the towel on the floor (meant to catch any splashes or spills) was only slightly damp.

Now, this new apartment is, in fact, the perfect size, and would allow for plenty of entertaining on my part if I had the time. So far, though, my job has required that I spend most of my evenings either at some school board meeting or at some village council, or even at the county fair (every evening this week except for Tuesday, when I did laundry, and Wednesday when I went to church). Not to mention that my living room windows are still shaded by random fabric pinned to the curtain rods. I’m working on sewing curtains but this week has not been conducive to the project. Hey, at least the bedroom curtains are up and the dining-nook curtains are made (though being used in the living room right now).

Another project I’ve been meaning to work on is cleaning up my bedroom. Currently the five-foot dresser top is completely covered in jewelry and hairthings. I do have a jewelry armoire and a small jewelry box, really! It’s just that the armoire lid needs to be screwed on and the jewelry box was highly disorganized, so I dumped both onto the dresser top… and haven’t put anything back. I rather prefer being able to see all my earrings at once, I must admit. But I will put the jewelry back in its boxes.

And on the bedroom floor I have a bit of litter left over from cleaning out my purse. Most of it’s stuff I want to keep, but I just don’t know where to put it yet. I’m thinking somewhere in my (new-to-me-courtesy-of-Dad) desk. That’s what I did with the shopping receipts, anyway.

The kitchen has stayed decently clean. I never have more than one side of the sink full of dirty dishes. I wipe up the countertop or the stove as soon as something spills (i.e. the crumbs from my PB-and-J sandwiches). Ironically it’s also the best-equipped room in the whole place, since the ladies’ Bible study blessed me with a surprise housewarming shower and my uncle and grandpa have been giving me all sorts of valuable implements (including a KitchenAid, for graduation, found at a thrift shop, and a miscellaneous set of good kitchen knives in a block).

Ah, the books. They’re all unpacked now, though it took about three weeks to get the last bookcase here and filled. It’s invigorating to have all the books in their spots, by category, and standing up straight and proud. Now all I have to do is start reading them again.

Next installment of the new “Life on my Own” series? Watching movies!


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