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I’ve devoted very little space on this blog to my favorite holiday, I noticed. But it’s coming up in just two days now, Thanksgiving that is, and with it all the pure holiday joy associated with it.

I will not name the first reason I had to consider the holiday a special one for me. The main reason, however, is the positively Christian reflection it inspires in each of us. For what are we thankful? What blessings have we overlooked this year, until now? Where do we find contentment in the midst of difficulties, or for what should we worship God in times of peace?

On  my part, I’m thankful for my family. The best part about Thanksgiving is the chance I have to spend several hours on car rides with my immediate family to spend a rambunctious weekend with most of my extended family. I get along well with everyone in those groups, so the time we’re forced to spend together feels nothing like an enforced gathering. On the contrary, when we have to part I’m invariably loth to do so.

Thanksgiving is almost as consistent a family time as Christmas, but without the gift-giving stress that goes with the later winter day. That, together with the general spirit of gratefulness that pervades the holiday, makes it in fact a purer honor to God, I think. It’s more Christian to give thanks than to become greedy for gifts.

Other things I’m grateful for:

My friends, especially:

--my college roommate, who put up with me for three (3) years

--several other faraway college friends with whom I try to keep contact

--new friends in my new town who have embraced the strange youngster in their midst

My job, because it’s awesome and I get to do what I love!!

My little iPod

A youngster at the local primary school who likes reading to me once a week


Warm socks and blankets

Fountain pens

Peanut butter


Gardens and public parks

Hot running water

Sewing machines

Days off from work

…What are you thankful for today?


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