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Compendium of Links #19

I spent a lot of time on Thanksgiving reading random links. Ahh, I was so thankful for a day off and prolonged exposure to the Internet. That was the first time I’d spent any significant number of hours just reading miscellaneous Internet articles!

From College Major to Career—chart of how various college majors help students succeed (or not) in the job market.

The 2011 Facebook infographic, showing that, theoretically, 11 percent of the world has a Facebook account. Never mind that some folks have multiple; it’s probably statistically insignificant.

One Christian wife (and author and college professor) writes about seven misconceptions she’s encountered about submission. A short but interesting read, if you’re into the egalitarian/complementarian debate.

You know how things get really… interesting when you try to translate them? Brands are even better. CitiBank becomes “the star-spangled banner bank!”

C.S. Lewis and Rob Bell both hold/held questionable theological beliefs. One writer thinks evangelicals love the one and hate the other because of the different emphases they had in their writings/ministries. I think it’s because C.S. Lewis actually clarifies, logically, what he’s differing about, when he does touch on the subject, while Bell… just gets on my nerves with the whole postmodern equivocation thing. (Note: I’m going by the NOOMA videos here. They left enough of a distaste that I couldn’t bring myself to track down a book of his to read.)

And in honor of our recently departed holiday: Grateful people have better health. Yup, they just spent a bunch of money to affirm scientifically what we already knew. I guess that’s the job of the social sciences sometimes.

Your weekly musical contribution: More guitar music!

Much as I wish I could play like this… it’s almost funnier to watch his head.


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