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What I learned today #2: About Michigan

Well, actually I learned this on Monday. But I didn’t get around to writing about it either Monday night (when I was tired) or yesterday (when I was busy).

My cousin – half Michigan now, as a result of college and summer jobs – informed me that Michiganers who live in the “mitten” part of the state are called “trolls.” That’s because they live “under the bridge,” that is, south of the five-mile bridge connecting the mitten with the Upper Peninsula. (I don’t know exactly where this bridge is, but it’s obviously up north somewhere!)

In return, the “trolls” call everybody from the Upper Peninsula a “yooper.” That’s the phonetic spelling of how they pronounce “UPer.” UP, of course, standing for Upper Peninsula.

I never knew Michiganers had such interesting geographic terminology!


mafia said…
so at first I read your first line as "Well, actually I learned this was Monday." I then thought "wait a second, what?" not knowing automatically that this was not Monday due to certain schedule changes....:-D

As to the actual content of your post, quite interesting.

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