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Compendium of Links #29 (when my foot hurts)

Owwww. I twisted my foot, again. Same foot that I twisted halfway through choir tour at the end of my junior year. No wait, must have been sophomore year. I wasn’t in choir junior year!

Anyhow, the following collection is a bit sparse today, for the mere fact of my foot’s pain. And happy Cinco de Mayo!!

What color is your language? Yellow or pink? Latinate or good ol’ Saxon?

The forgetting pill erases painful memories. Forever. At least, in theory it does. Would it be ethical to use in any situation? The article also describes a certain malleability one’s memory exhibits. My psych-college-roomie avers that the discrepancies between memory and reality are generally minor.

Oh look. Young people don’t ignore newspapers quite as much as we thought they did. Which means, they’re not opposed to randomly picking one up when the concrete block building they’re waiting in blocks the signal on their smartphone.

Seminarians end up with a bunch of debt. That’s not good. But what other model is going to supplant the seminary model, or at least complement it?

ReadWriteWeb shares the seven best open government websites, including Follow the Money and I want to use these a lot more!

No video. I plead the excuse that my foot hurts. I just want to sleep without the dull ache emanating from my toes!


mafia said…
You could do what quite a few people do when they have hurts..take a prostaglandin inhibitor (aka aspirin or etc.). :-)
Guitarlady said…
¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Sarah said…
Abby: I could, but that would have required actually driving over to the store and walking into it and buying some. None of which I was really inclined to do in the state I was in.

And now my foot doesn't hurt as bad, so it's a moot point (sort of). I may need to get some for GP though.

Mom: ¡y a tí también! Hoy aprendí hacer los tildes en nuestros compus donde trabajo, porque estaba escribiendo sobre la fiesta del Cinco de Mayo acá en Logansport.

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